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Who Is Camilla Belle? Here Are 4 Facts You Need to Know

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Although she has been in the movies and TV series for quite a long time, Camilla Belle popularity grew ever since she was associated with celebrities like the former football player. Tim Tebow. She is in fact known for news that is outside her professional career. The California native has featured in a couple of notable films and TV series like 10,000 BC, Back to the Secret Garden, The Ballad of Jack and Rose, and lots more. Her career journey in the entertainment industry which spanned over three decades has thus earned her numerous accolades. find out more interesting facts about this gorgeous lady of the entertainment industry.

Who is Camilla Belle? Camilla Belle Routh, best known as just Camilla Belle, is an American actress, producer and director who was born October 2, 1986. She was born in Los Angeles, California to Cristina Gould a Brazilian born fashion designer and Jack Wesley Routh a country music composer and construction company owner. She was named Camilla after actress Renata Sorrah’s character, Camila, on one of her mother’s favourite Brazilian telenovela Cavalo de Aço. Belle’s parents are quite religious, they raised her as a Catholic and she attended Católica Elementary School of São Paulo before moving to an all-girl high school known as Marlborough School. Belle speaks Spanish and Portuguese fluently and she is a classical pianist. Her mother is Brazillian while her father has English and German ancestry.

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Here are 4 Facts You Need To Know about Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle’s acting career Camilla’s first appearance on the screen happened when she was just nine months. She debuted professionally in a newsprint commercial but her first movie role was in two TV movies Trouble shooters: Trapped beneath the Earth, and Empty cradle. She featured in these movies when she was five years and she was cast as a lead in former. When she was nine years old, Belle was given a small role in the family drama film A Little Princess. It was then followed by a science fiction film The Lost World: Jurassic Park. Other films she featured include a radio drama Adventures in Odyssey, The Patriot, and Walker: Texas Ranger. The year 2000 could be tagged as one of her breakthrough years. In that same year, she had her first lead role in a Disney Channel original movie Rip Girls and she received her third and fourth Young Artist Award nominations respectively for her roles in the 1999 telefilm Replacing Dad and the 2000 movie Rip Girls. Belle took a few years off and returned in 2006 to take a leading role in the remaking of the horror film When a Stranger Call, the epic adventure film 10,000 BC followed afterwards. Her latest film as at 2017 is the drama thriller film The Mad Whale where she appeared as Isabel Wallace.

Her Net Worth and Awards Camilla Belle has a net worth of $2 million. Much her earnings come from her screen roles while the rest comes from endorsements and sponsorships. Camilla is believed to have a growing yearly income of about $352,941 and online sources add that she earns about $78,431 from endorsements and sponsorships. Some of the films that fetched her good earning include Zero Hour, Amapola and Open Road where she was paid $324,675, $426,136, and $207,871 respectively. In addition to her affluence, Camilla Belle has been nominated for several awards some of which she has won. She has been nominated four times for the Young Artist Award on different categories and for different movies she featured. In 2005, she was nominated for Gotham Awards for her role in the movie The Ballad of Jack and Rose.

She is involved in Charities Works Willing to make a lasting impact in her society, Camilla also spends much of her time and earnings in charity work. She was an international spokesperson for “Kids with a Cause”, an organisation that helps neglected children, especially those suffering from hunger, lack of education or abuse.

Camila Belle’s Personal Life The American actress is a beautiful young woman. People’s M American actress is a beautiful young woman. People’s Magazine has in 2011 named her among the most beautiful people in the world. Thanks to her charming looks, many famous men have tried their luck in terms of dating her. She got into a relationship with the famous Joe Jonas in October 2008 after appearing in the singer’s pop-rock band, Jonas Brothers video music ‘Love bug’. They dated for a short time before calling it quit in July 2009. Next on her list of ex-boyfriends is the English actor and musician Thomas Pattinson Robert Pattinson, best known as Robert Douglas. They both reportedly dated in 2008, then in 2010, she was seen with American actor Topher Grace before she met the former American football quarterback Tim Tebow in October 2012. In July 2013, she was rumoured to be with the American actor and former model Chad Michael Murray. Currently, the beautiful actress is single and does not see to have plans for a future relationship. Camilla has a slim body with a height of 5ft 8inches (174 cm) tall. Her body weight is 53 kg or 117 pounds with her chest waist and hip measuring 34-23-33 cm. Her hair colour is dark brown and the colour of her eye is hazel. All you would love to know about actress Camilla Belle.


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