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The celebrated French singer, actress and songwriter has proved herself a connoisseur in the entertainment industry with her staring role in the movie titled La Vie en Rose(2007) which was labelled the most anticipated film by fans. Even the critics saw her role as an incarnation of Édith Piaf singing on stage for the last time. La Vie en Rose eventually became a box office hit in all of France with more than 5 million admissions making a gross income of $86 million as against $25 million budget.

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The entertainment legend has since appeared in a total of 50 feature films and released several singles and duets, consequently, she has been honored with uncountable awards and accolades among which are a national honor as Knight of the Order of Arts and Letters(2010) in France and as a Knight of the Legion of Honor(2016) also in her home country France.

When fate throws you into a family of entertainers then entertainment becomes a natural line for you to tow. Marion’s dad Jean-Claude Cotillard works as a teacher, a mime, an actor and a director while her mum Niseema Theillaud is a known actress and also a teacher of drama. The actress was raised alongside twin brothers Quentin and Guillaume with Guillaume working as a director and screen writer and Quentin a sculptor.

Born on the 30th of September 1975, the singer, actor and environmentalist graduated from the Conservatoire d’Art Dramatique in Orléans, France in 1994, She also put in quality time at the Japanese Noh theatre to the Commedia Dell’Arte studying dance, speech, movement and mime under Nicole Merouze. Since graduation, the French actress has gradually ascended the ladder of success in the entertainment industry through her contributions as a singer, songwriter and an actress, she is a known lover of nature and has done a very good job as an environmentalist.


The movie titled Intériorité. Marked the begging of the actress’ professional career in 1993. She appeared in several other films before she gained international recognition for her role in A Very Long Engagement which was released in 2004. 2007 was a fantastic year for the actress, her role in the film La Vie en rose was described as amazing, after playing a role in the 2009 movie titled Nine, The rising star got a life time opportunity to star in Christopher Nolan’s 2010 movie called Inception which was later ranked a blockbuster in Hollywood. Since then the famed actress’ film portfolio has risen to 50 feature film which include; Two Days, One Night (2015), The Dark Knight Rises(2012), The Immigrant(2013) to mention but a few.

The actress cum singer has also made her mark in the field of music, her first single titled L’homme d’amour came to light in 2011 followed by several other singles and duets. In 2008, the celebrated actress was chosen as the face of Dior's bag "Lady Dior" and in 2012, she occupied the enviable position as the second highest earning actress in all of France.

Net Worth

The actress’ net worth has been estimated at a whooping $30 million, even though her earning have not been made public knowledge, it is believed that her enviable net worth has accumulated over the years through her acting and singing career and also from endorsements she has with some multinationals. Important to note that the actress is also a restauranteur who owns two big restaurants in France.

Husband or Partner - Guillaume Canet?

Some relationships they say are destined to last forever even when they are not culminated in a nuptial bond. Same can be said for the union between the famed actress and her life partner French actor and director Guillaume Canet The couple met in October 2007 and since then, rumors have been going around that they have been joined together in a secret wedding but a reliable source just revealed to us that the celebrity couple has not taken any marital vows, although the actress has been wearing a diamond solitaire since 2010, but one thing is certain, the duo are head over heals in love with each other and the length of their unshakable relationship lends credence to this fact.

On the 19th of May 2011, the couple welcome their first child, a son named Marcel who soon became a brother to Louise a baby girl who announced her entrance into the world on the 16th day of March 2017. Even though they are not married, Harris Interactive poll for Gala magazine ranked them France's third Most Popular Couple in 2012, Marion on her own part does not seem bothered about their relationship status since her partner gives her his complete trust and dedication, even when Marion was accused of being the other woman in Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s divorce, Guillaume was a lion in her defense.

Here is All You Must Know

Philanthropy and Environmental Activism Her career as an entertainer is complemented by her philanthropy and environmental activism, she has been active in environmental protection campaigns especially for Greenpeace which has the privilege of having her as an active member and spokesperson since 2011.

Body Stats

The singer’s trade mark has always been her expressive doe-eyes which are described as deceptive, a mole in the center of her forehead and her dark beautiful hair. She stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches with a commensurate weight of 57 kg. Her general body stats can be summarized as 24-35-34.

Business Acumen

Apart from entertainment, the acting legend has proved herself a worthy business woman with two restaurants named Jaja and Glou located in France.

Social Media Profile

The only social media channel Marion uses is Instagram where she has gathered more than 1.1 million followers and still counting.

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