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A Search for Reasons of Smartphone Addiction Among Teenagers

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Dear New York Times, I am here to tell you that since mobile devices are being produced in outstanding amounts, nearly every teenager that I pass in the street are either looking at their phones or listening to music, teenagers are addicted to their phones. As you stated in your article, that Apple is introducing a new software that has the ability to restrict time teenagers are spending on their mobile devices. In this instance, I am not against the fact that teenagers should spend less time on their mobile devices, I also see why parent’s wants to restrict the child’s use of their mobile device in terms that you say in your article as “screenagers”. According to “Kids Wireless Use Facts” around 88% of teenagers (13-17) have an access to a cellphone; 91%of teenagers (ages 13-17) have access to the internet on phones, tablets or other types of mobile devices. However I am against the fact that Apple should step in to reduce the number of teenagers using their mobile devices. Since Apple is the one providing the devices under their parent’s agreement to provide their teens with a mobile phone, I think that Apple shouldn’t step in and cut back on the number of teenagers using mobile devices. The message that I am trying to convey here is that since parents of said teenagers are the one providing their son/daughters a mobile device, I am saying that it is the parent’s responsibility to restrict their sons/daughters. Overall, the message that I am trying to say is that big companies such as Apple should not jump in to restrict the usage of their mobile devices. Since Apple is the one providing the parents with the mobile devices, which parents under their supervision should mean that parents should be the ones restricting teens with mobile devices?

In your article when it saying that “Silicon Valley insiders demanding that Apple should make their devices less addictive”, I should say this that the parents of the teenagers should learn to restrict their teens when they are using their mobile devices for an extended period of time. If parents want to restrict their son/daughters they should set time limits on how long they can use their mobile devices or another way that my parents used to do is that they will turn off the internet so I am forced to put down my phone. In your article when it states that “Some researchers have gone so far to declare that smartphones have been psychologically destroying the generation.” I going to state right now that I partially agree to this, and that when you use your phone for a long period of time it has the potential to cause nauseous feelings and also cause health problems. Health problems for example eye damage, muscle cramps, and possible brain cancer. The nauseous feeling when you use your phone is called cyber sickness. As on this article they call the nauseous feeling as “cyber sickness (Digital motion sickness)”.

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I understand that this is fact because I do often use my phones for an extended period of time I do from time to time have a very severe headache of often cramping in the finger, I use most often. However, I will have to agree to the harsh truth that since people are more and more attached to their phones I do understand that people could be very emotionally attached to the internet, and that in 2011, there was a massive spike in anxiety and depression among teenagers. However at the end of all this we can’t blame machines, since it is especially important since smartphones are the main reason to cause teenagers’ mental health problems, Instead parents and teens should focus on how these struggles are expressed, and find a set of solutions.

Most teens struggling with anxiety, and this is the main reason more than any other problems. As most teen’s escapes into their screens to escape and flee their fears. Across most of the teens they have difficulty coping with the feeling of uncertainty. Also, teenagers want to have uncertain independence, since the teens are under helicopter parents which they try to fix every problem in and for their children. Most teens go online to avoid the feeling of stress, depression, or anxiety and we all know that this strategy has more negative emotional consequences than positive ones. The realm of digital technology is designed and meant to grab our attention, exhaust us, distract us, or detract (to reduce or take away the value) from our ability to nurture their relationship. With this in mind smartphone addiction is a sign that the teen has anxiety. Simply cutting the screen time may not solve problems that drive teens to their screens.

Overall, simply blaming smartphones or technology is not the way to go if you want to solve your teen’s problems of being hooked onto their mobile devices. I you want to help restrict your teens screen time you should discuss why they are on their device and whether or not they should have less screen time. However at the end of all this there are resources that could make mobile devices less addicting however the main focus should me in improving the public and the treat people that are addicted to their mobile devices. There should be an easier way of relieving anxiety and not to find an ultimate escape machines.


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