Who is to Blame for the Holocaust

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Hitler is almost solely who is to blame for the holocaust. But that being said it may have or could have been prevented if Britain and France and the allies don’t sit around. Let me explain, the quote “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing” said by Edmund Burke, perfectly sums up how chamberlain and the allies acted to Germanies growing force. Hitler hated the Treaty of Versailles and by 1935 in complete violation of the treaty. The first Luftwaffe squadrons were established and he explained he army to 10 times the agree and allowed size. Chamberlain and the allies the ‘good men’ saw this going on and did nothing. Hitler went on to send his army into the demilitarized zone the Rhineland. He troops were under the orders to immediately retreat if the allies showed up. The Allies did nothing, again.

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Now, Hitler has he’s restrengthened army, he wants to increase the Aryan population. But to do this, he needs land. But also unaware of the allies he also needs to remove the non- Aryan population of Jews which had been to blame for most of Germany’s problems. If the Allies were to have stepped in they would have seen these atrocities been executed across Germany. Either way, Hitler starts eyeing up he’s neighbours. Only now the allies start to get worried, by this it 1938 and the German army invades into Austria where over 200,000 Jews are taken into camps and subjected to antisemitic legislation. All while the ‘good men’ Allies watched on. The ‘triumph of evil’ in this case in Hitler continues, the Allies tried a diplomatic solution strategy also known as appeasement, which ended up being fairly useless. It went along like this; Hitler would come in and say, ‘I want that country’. The Allies would say ‘you can’t have that’, actually wait ‘you can have that land, but no more. Hitler would push forward and say, ‘I want that country’ and so on. Hitler took advantage of the Allies leniency in which he used to slowly overtake Europe. If the ‘good men’ the Allies didn’t sit around and watch Hitler and try to find a diplomatic solution in steed on of coming in taking control of the situation. They would have come to discover Hitler ideologically ideas and plans to which he was about to murder over 6 million Jews. So, if the Allies came in earlier maybe the holocaust could have been avoided. It was the naivety of the Allies that allowed Hitler the executed his plan of an Aryan race, which saw the holocaust take place, in my option allow ‘the triumph of evil’. Hitler himself, that is why overall, I find that bit of the blame for the cause of the holocaust makes down to the Allies, but Hitler is no doubt at fault most of all for the holocaust. He was the execution and driving force behind the holocaust all to find he’s the perfect nation the Aryan race. Hitler deserves to get the blame, after all, he was the fuel and fire to the holocaust.

In 1935 Nazi party rose to power and with Hitler as the leader and as Germany was in a state of emergency at the time and the former president Hindenburg passed away. He past law through parliament that would allow him to make all future laws and decisions entirely on his own. This alone is enough evidence to show that all the Nazi regime was run through Hitler and almost solely to blame. His scapegoat came to be the Jews and people with mental or physical disabilities. Starting the holocaust. Went on making laws to which Jews were initially branded, and their businesses boycotted. Any law which allowed for the killing and containment of Jews and other people with mental or physical disabilities was created and passed by him. Hitler is to me has been proven to have approved and encouraged and executed the death orders of over six million Jewish men, women, and children, all civilians. Hitler is the ‘triumph of evil’ in which the ‘good men’, the Allies were negligent to see until it was too late.

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