Who Might Be Responsible and Blamed for the Deaths of Two Lovers — Romeo and Juliet

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There are tons of individuals who might be responsible for his or her deaths of our two lovers however, 'some are moving to be pardoned and few disciplined'. Many of you blamed Juliet, as she did end her own life by killing herself, after seeing Romeo's courspe. She also might be responsible as she took a sleeping potion in plan that it'll make her look dead beat (without hope/very upset) effort to not need to marry Paris. 

However, this didn't attend plan as when Romeo saw her looking as if she was dead, he took a poison himself. He did this as he felt that he couldn't survive without her. This is important as once they first met, he had told her that 'I have night's coat to shield me from their eyes, and but you depend upon me, allow them to find me here. My life was better ended by their hate than death delayed/made me, wanting of your love.' When she awoke and saw Romeo dead, she cried to herself 'What's here? A cup, shut my true love's hand? Poison, I see, has been his always-existing end. --O rude/cheap person, drunk all, and left no friendly drop to assist me after? i will be able to kiss your lips. Maybe some poison yet does hang on them, to assist me die with a medicine/healing.' After there was no poison left, she then grabbed a knife, stabbed herself and said, 'There rust and let me die.' 

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Young Juliet also disobeyed her father and married Romeo secretly, I do believe that if that had not happened then both may have still been alive. Although I understand while some would blame Juliet, I understand that she is (in the end) responsible. Friar Lawrence Is additionally responsible as he was more worried about protecting himself which led to the destruction of two young lovers. Then there are those among you who blame Friar Lawrence for this terrible event. While he may have had good plans/desires, some suspect he was more worried about getting punished himself. tons folks believe that he should take responsibility, because he was the one that married them secretly. He agreed 'I'll your helper be, for this friendly partnership may so happy satisfy turn your families' anger to (completely/complete, with nothing else mixed in) love.' another reason he's responsible is because he came up with the thought that Juliet should take the sleeping potion to avoid marrying Paris. known that he said 'take you this small glass container, being then in bed, and this produced/showed liquor drink you off, when now through all of your veins will run a chilly and tired humor, for no pulse will keep his native progress, but relief. No warmth, no breath will say in court/give proof of where you reside.' This (almost completely/basically) led to Romeo's death as he believed that Juliet had truly died. albeit Friar Lawrence had made poor choices he is not (in the end) responsible.

 Therefore, it's Lord Capulet, and thus the fighting families that are (in the end) liable for this terrible event. At first, Capulet tried to force Juliet into an arranged marriage with Paris and threatened her when she objected. He yelled, 'Thursday is near, lay hand on heart, (opinions about what could or should be done a couple of situation) and you be mine, I'll provide you with to my friend. An you be not, hang, beg, starve, die within the streets.' Lord Capulet and Montague as heads of the families should have done more to stop the fight. the rationale that Romeo and Juliet had to marry secretly was because they knew the oldsters wouldn't allow it. If there was never a fight within the primary place, then they could have gotten married and Juliet wouldn't are forced to marry Paris.

 Romeo's father, Lord Montague, could have stopped the fight at any time, but didn't. A fact he admitted when he said they were, 'Poor sacrifices of our hatred.' I feel that this terrible event really shows that every one folks are liable for our actions which the fights between these families should not be forgotten about, instead be learned from for the long run. this is often often a very delicate situation as 'For never was a love story of more trouble than this of Juliet and her Romeo.' 

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