The Character Analysis of Atticus Finch and Helmuth Hubener

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Atticus Finch was a father of two in a sleepy southern town. Helmuth Hubener was a man who faced the evils of the Nazi regime. However, these two men are very similar in the choices they made and the difficulties they faced. Helmuth is a real individual who faced real life issues and Atticus is the protagonist in a novel centered around racial tensions and morality. However, Atticus Finch and Helmuth Hubener both share possess startlingly similar traits. They have a ton of similar characteristics, for example, valiance, good fiber, and a profound sense of right and wrong.

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Helmuth Hubener was somebody who was known in his town for being a kind and helpful member of the community. As a child he was a cub scout, and growing up he enjoyed participating in and finding ways to benefit his hometown. Unfortunately, there was an abundance of issues going on around him. Hitler was picking up power and ingraining dread and despair into the general population of Germany. Helmuth felt as if the Nazi ideals were inherently evil. When he was a young schoolboy, he decided against joining the Nazi regime. In fact, he decided to rebel against it. He did many things to rebel against the Nazis such as make pamphlets. This is the occurrence that changed his life until the end of time. He was captured not long after and his discipline was swift. Helmuth Hubener served as an example that even if you’re in an environment in which morality is stifled, it is still of importance to stand up for what you believe is right. In spite of the fact that his life wasn't long and he didn't get the opportunity to encounter everything that a man should, he lives in our souls and our serves as an example that we should all stand up for what is right.

Similarly, Atticus Finch is the father of two children in a small southern town known as Maycomb. He wants them to grow up to be leaders and not conform to social peer pressures such as racism. When offered the chance to defend somebody of color - an act that would be considered almost treasonous by his fellow whites - he takes the dive in order to set an example for his kids on what is right and what is wrong. In the novel “To Kill a Mockingbird”, Atticus is tasked with defending Tom Robinson who is accused of raping a white woman Mrs. Ewell. The town is very angry that a white man would defend a black and even members of his family begin to turn against him. Throughout the entire ordeal however, Atticus makes sure to keep his head high and teach his son Jem, and his daughter Scout that regardless of what your environment is pressuring you to do, you must stand on your own two feet, just as Helmuth Hubener taught his town the same lesson.

Both Atticus and Helmuth were facing adversity from their own environment, both comprehended what he was getting himself into from the earliest starting point. Regardless of potential consequences and the dangers they faced, they made the decision to take a stand. Thanks to these brave men, many people may take an example on how to show your peers good morality.

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