Why 5g is not Enough

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5G has presented a lot of great achievements in the IT industry as it has provided great opportunities for greater innovations than we have right now. However, the ups of this invention, has brought so many enhanced threats to the picture that are propagated through the wired and wireless connections that make up the internet. We believe that a network has to be built that will completely shut out opportunities for malicious act.

As states earilier, IoT and utonomous driving would require constant access the internet connection. 5G promises to provide antennas evevrywhere so that we can have quick access, but will this antennas be in remote high ways? How much will it cost to create access at remote areas? If this the autonomous cars or IoT get to these locations, will dey cause chaos? With the continuous deep integration of 5G technology in real-life scenarios, there will be several trends about the 5G and its applicants.

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Trend 1: Cloud computing and cloud storage become ubiquitous

5G will change the existing Internet computing mode in mobile boarding terminal with the characteristics of high speed, large capacity and low latency. It will pull the storage and calculation onto the cloud. Cloud computing will become a common computing mode.

Trend 2: Smart terminals will change

The storage and calculation will transfer to the Cloud, so it will reduce the size of smart terminals and improve its portability greatly. It means a revolution for the smart terminals.

Trend 3: VR will create a totally new world different from the now

When human beings are immersed in the virtual world, the traditional sense of virtual reality, national boundaries, ethics, borders, personality, identity, wealth. . . All definitions will be reconstructed, and new civilizations will bring about much more subversion and reconstruction than the Internet in the past decades, and will sweep through all the human activities, including national strategy, ideology, social mode, ethics, business ecology, culture and art, like the storm. “Has become an infrastructure, and” VR+ “is the future that needs to be addressed.

Trend 4: Internet will evolve to “3. 0”

Internet 1. 0, namely “PC + network line”, the form of the Internet to one-way information transmission, people leave the PC, that is, the Internet “disconnected”; Internet 2. 0, that is, the “mobile Internet”, people through mobile phones and other smart terminals real-time two-way transmission of information, at any time “online” to create content consumption content; VR as the interface of each other; In the age of Internet 3. 0, people interact directly with the virtual world through their instincts and senses. People “immerse” in the Internet and become part of the Internet. We live and work in the virtual world and become as natural and smooth as the physical world.

All the trends mentioned above are the only limited and not the comprehensive, it can not be the all the situation. Because it is just a big begin, it is a little far away from the extensive scale implement. But it is no doubt that 5G will change human’s current situation. It is no less than an “industrial revolution”.

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