Why Animal Experimentation Should Be Abolished

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The given statement is quite controversial matter of today’s world where animals hold right for them in law. Still, different people have different ideas on this, and it’s such an emotive subject, but (being both an animal lover, and scientifically minded) this is often what I’ve decided I’m okay with the very fact animals getting used for a scientific or commercial testing before releasing the merchandise to the general public for human use. Animal used for testing can play a valuable role in advancing our collective knowledge about many things. Animals should be used for scientific purposes if needed. Especially since it is often beneficial to other animal species. Others believe some quite balance are often found between benefits and harm.

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We see snakes killing mice and even eating baby mice and baby birds, lions using their teeth to tear chunks out of living prey like Cape buffalo while the prey remains alive; that is how eco-system runs. At every level we see life taking life to survive and remain healthy. Using animals in scientific testing is a minimum of as humane as the other species treatment of other species. Thanks to completing biomedical research both humans and animals now have life-saving surgical procedures, cancer therapies, organ transplantation, vaccines, safe consumer products and coverings and cures for countless other medical disorders and diseases.

Most of the medical advances that have occurred within the past 100 years were direct results of animal research and experimentation, consistent with the California Association of Biomedical Research. Insulin, for instance was discovered during an experiment during which dog’s pancreas was removed (Stansfield, 2012).

Likewise, Chimpanzee DNA is 99% almost like humans (Gibbons, 2012), while mouse genetics are almost like 98% (Why Mouse Matters, 2010). Humans and animals also are biologically similar, with an equivalent set of organs, blood circulation and central nervous system, in order that they are suffering from an equivalent disease and therefore the same health conditions.

Animals need to be used for teaching and learning basic biology and are needed as models for health research, which is very true. However, they will be handled during a humane way and their usage are often reduced. That is no to kill animals for the research project to the extent we do immediately. It is safer to use animals instead of human as experiments though the animal species are not in the verge of extinct is what should be kept in mind.

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