Why Animals Should not Be Kept in Zoos

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How would you feel if you were stuck in a cage? You do not have freedom; you do not have your natural habitat and live in the wild anymore and you are separated from your families. You would have an unhappy and lonely life. Why animals should not be kept in zoos?  Zoos should be banned because they are making animals live an unpleasant life.

Firstly, I believe that animals have the right to be free. Animals should not be exploited by human beings and animals should be free like humans. Like humans they have feelings and they have families. They are sentient. Animals don’t like to be tortured and on display and entertain people with tricks. Would you want to present a show and do tricks every single day? They are missing the chance to play with their group or herd or family when they are stuck in a zoo with maybe only one other tiger.

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Secondly, I strongly believe that people should get rid of zoos because the animals are suffering and losing their natural instincts by being fed by humans and living in a smaller space. This be a threat to all animals by living in smaller spaces and not being able to hunt for their own food. If they were released into the wild again, they would not have their natural instincts which means they would not be able to find food. They might also go near humans and people fearing some animals might mean they want to hurt the animals, but the animals wanted food. Therefore, Governments should ban zoos and that animals should have freedom.

We must act now to ban zoos. Data from Freedom for Animals and National Geographic shows that zoos are giving animals an unhappy and lonely life because they are stuck in a cage for the rest of their lives. Because of this, animals are separated from their families and may never see them again. Would you really want to be stuck in a cage for the rest of your life? I would not, because it is like being trapped and not having enough space for yourself. We can therefore see that we should ban zoos so that animals can have a happy and sociable life.

One thing I know for certain is that the zoos should be banned for the animals. I am sure you will understand that the Government should begin closing zoos and finding places to put them. The animals should be put on a big land of property and not kept in cages. You could make the habitat on the property with a jungle big enough for them to do what they would normally do like hunt and play. It is like us locked up in isolation, that is what animals have to deal with for the rest of their lives.

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