Examination on the Necessity of Revolutions and Its Consequences


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Revolution causes change, new events, different perception of surrounding subjects, also evolution changing slowly. Think of the situation in hand there are pros and cons to a situation. Not every thing will be perfect in centuries of fighting for what the people want. The change of revolutions are good in a way of peoples point of view of difference being cause in a cense of dramatic conflict between two disagreements of sides. Each side can have a effect on history like the butterfly effect founded by Edward N. Lorenz, like the revolutionary war happen by Briton causing to take control of the citizens in the new world and the colonies sot for independence and won. Causing us to be separated from the British union now. Then also The Industrial Revolution on manufactured goods, products, and transportation. Giving jobs to people and communities moving so finding work is more simple for the communities. The change in theses events cause are day now just more equally fair in a way of less strict on sexuality and less community poison by factories on every properties that didn’t have a building. New events, the cause of change and difference in society and opinions in minds of other causes ripples in the waves with causes the chain we live upon on earth to move.

Revolution and new events tie in together because with new events there would be no change in the time of age now. It’s like voting rights for women’s and how they were used as nanny’s with equality, now they’re treated as somewhat of equal to men. The limits on working times on children, then also being illegal to work under ages sixteen which causes. Many of situations now caused by this change and was one of the ripples in the revolutions through the different eras.

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Perspective are different depending on who side people choose but there are always a side that is wrong. It’s depending on the beliefs of the people in question, so why do they choose the side that they are on. Is it for the people, the right you maybe given, or because of perception? It’s like the Boston Massacre there were three sides the two sides that wants to believe what they want and one that looks closely. Sees the ways actually planned out and the facts, that’s why there’s not always a right side but people perspective are always changing. That why this time of day are from when there was segergation.The evolution changes slowly but with revolutions makes that change faster, with out it we would have probably been sent back by decades. The slowness is just change of newness and difference but not everything that’s new is bad just something never tried. It’s like when a person is skydiving or vipling it’s not a thing everyone wants to try but people who do loves it. Revolution has are everywhere but not all of work but ones that do always has an end. People are in revolution and get hurt but it’s for what they believe in so it’s a cause to some times bad effect.

“It is not the strongest species that survive nor the most intelligent. It’s the most adapted to change” -Charles DarnwinThe revolution is necessary by change, new events, perspectives of different people and surrounding, finally evolutions that changes slowly. Then revolution necessary for all those event and reasons but how is it that revolutions causes big events but changes are different than expected?

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