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Why Brand Activation is Necessary to Build a Strong Brand

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Do you remember Coca-cola Happiness? Machines which gave free gift to people as an extra dose of happiness? If you don’t remember or don’t know about it at all then let me tell you. “Coca Cola Happiness Machine”- is one of the famous global campaigns of Coca-Cola.

The concept of the happiness machine was to deliver doses of happiness among people. Coca cola put some vending machines in malls or famous location of different countries which dish out treats- from drinks to fresh flower or pizza. Some of these happiness vending machines gave away free gifts to all the comers, some required the comers to go a bit extra miles and do some specific tasks like a hug for getting a free drink or gift. Don’t you think it is a genius idea to involve customers with the brand? Yes, definitely it is. Coca- cola captures people’s reaction by hidden camera and uploaded on YouTube, obtained millions of views and gathered tons of goodwill also made the customers feel like they are the part of the company and the company care about them. Not only this one, Coca- cola takes lots of brand activation strategies like this to build brand awareness, loyalty and relationship with customers. Companies like Adidas, Reebok, Red Bull also are not staying back in the game of brand activation.

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They are also putting more effort than ever before into developing creative activation strategies and I am sure you already start thinking “Is brand activation only just for the multi-billions companies?”No, it is not. From small to large every business needs to take some strategical approaches for brand activation. Though the tactics can vary from company to company due to budget, company structure, nature and other things. It is easy for any business to run marketing campaigns but not every business knows how to engage with customers and give the feeling of being part of the business. There comes the role of brand activation. Brand activation physically place your business or brand in the market and helps to stay one step ahead than others. If you want that your company will stay on the people’s mind and they will talk about it and be stay with you, you also have to give them the realization that they are an important part of the business. When they will realize that you care for them, they will rely on you and stick with your business forever. So how to do brand activation in a efficient and effective way?

Although not every company can afford to launch an expensive activation, especially if it is a startup; but for launching a successful and effective activation, it is important to have well developed and defined strategy which align with your ultimate business goal. Your brand activation will work more properly if it is the part of a larger marketing strategy with efficient planning. Make the concept of your activation strategy aspirational and captive. Give your strategy enough time in the market to get the desire result. A successful brand activation should have deep insight of market and customers, creative concepts, good promotion and publicity support, sufficient budget and well spent and adequate time in the market. Utilize your resource and create a brand activation strategy which will highlight and differentiate your brand from others.


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