Why Bullying is an Offence

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My blood curdles when I come across an article in the paper or a clip from some news chanel relating to a sad but notorious case of bullying. If I were asked to rate the most hideous crimes I would place bullying at the top of my list. Young kids are quite vulnerable and easily fall victim to this social vice. A constantly bullied child grows up to be a stigma of the society and in worst case scenario ends up committing suicide.

I know one such kid whose bright n splendid future has been overshadowed by the gloomy clouds of despair n frustration thanks to the inhuman act of bullying. She happens to be my younger sister and I shall never forgive myself for remaining ignorant of this harsh reality all this time.

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In her juvenile days Asma used to be very skinny and physically fragile due to which she constantly remaind under the spotlight of extreme bullying n teasing by her school mates well as the spoiled brats of the society. Her quite n gentle nature added to her sufferings and made her more of a sitting duck in hunting season.

Academically she was exceptionally good and far excelled her rivals in studies well as extra curricular activities which in turn fanned up the flame of jealousy n hatred. Due to her excellence in studies n exemplary character she was the heart-throb of the entire faculty and that added to the list of her foes. Jealousy took it's toll and the bullying gradually turned into episodes of physical abuse.

One time a group of 'pricks' pardon my French but this is best term I can come up with in order to address the culprits that beat her badly n cut her long, beautiful, thick tufts. This barberic act broke her to bits n pieces but instead of informing her teachers n family she opted to remain silent which I believe was the worst mistake she ever committed.

Extortion in brawls became frequent gradually leading her to lose interest in studies n life itself. Her brilliant academic graph took a steep decline and her mental state started to get worse by the hour and there came a time when she had to leave school and take refuge in her bedroom.

It has been 6 months since her self imposed house arrest and the mind boggling thing is that she has put up approximately 80 kgs. in this short span of time and has turned into a thick madame. The current heart wrecking scenario is that she is having constant nightmares with regards to getting bullied yet again and this time because of her plus size.

She didn't tell and we cared less to investigate the root cause behind her downfall until a few days back when she finally decided to break her silence and related us her painful endeavours to keep herself afloat. The worst part is that my poor baby sister had to go through hell n suffer intensively whereas none of her parents well as siblings were out there for her. Being the elder sister I solemnly hold myself responsible for not being able to play my part and might not forgive myself for this terrible oversight. I shall leave no stone unturned to bring my baby doll back on track n will make sure that she stands tall and regains her lost glory.

My humble request to all the victims of bullying; kindly stand up n fight against the culprits who practice this evil act. Don't feel humiliated for what you are. Inform your family and loved ones and make sure that they receive the treatment they best deserve.

Bullying is an unforgivable offence hence it should be dealt with severly. Law enforcement organisations should have special squads on the lookout for such criminals who for the sake of a mere laughter ruin the lives of innocent souls.

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