Why Cheating in a Relationship is Wrong

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  • Introduction
  • Examining Why Cheating Is Wrong
  • Negative Impacts of Cheating
  • Potential Positive Outcomes of Cheating
  • Objections to the Wrongness of Cheating
  • Conclusion


Cheating has always been a controversial topic and to some people, it has many different definitions of what it means to cheat on a spouse or significant other. The most commonly associated term with cheating is sleeping with another person while in a relationship. Cheating is not only wrong in many different ways, but also it affects many different people from students of College of DuPage, families, married couples, and friends.So why cheating in a relationship is wrong?

Examining Why Cheating Is Wrong

To begin, one way cheating is wrong is because if you are in a so called “closed” relationship that means that you and your significant other are together for each other. That means that cheating will break that tight bond that was created between the two partners. Not only will it break the bond, but also it will make the relationship fall apart because either the person that cheated on someone will leave or the the one who got cheated on will leave the relationship. One example of this is from one of my friends. My friend was in a relationship with this girl for a few years, then he found out from one of his friends that his partner cheated on him while he was gone on vacation with his family. Of course the next step of action that took place was to break up. That is because he can never trust her again with what she did. When you are in a relationship for each other, you are supposed to build trust with one another. In more clarity, you are supposed to trust each other no matter who they are with at the time, no matter how far away they are from home, or if they are going somewhere where cheating could happen easily such as a nightclub.

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Negative Impacts of Cheating

There are many ways that cheating can affect not only a relationship but a person as well. One way it can affect a person’s life is them having self-esteem issues. For example, you got cheated on and you could not overcome that fact so you decide to separate with your partner, this can cause future issues of you not feeling worth it for someone, or having to put up with a lot more than you should. This can be detrimental to your mental health and physical health. It can harm your mental health because you might not be able to trust another person like you used to, and physically damaging because immense amounts of stress can affect how well your immune system responds to infections. Another way cheating can affect a person’s life is being paranoid with your partner that cheated on you, or the next person that becomes your partner. This can cause you to always be anxious at times when you are not suppose to be. For example, your partner tells you he or she is going somewhere with friends, and that might end up making you think if the partner will betray you with somebody else, just like in your previous relationship. One more example of how cheating can have a negatively impact is by how you treat other people around you. For instance, you lose your temper with your kids very quickly, you start blaming people close to you such as friends and family because of how hurt you have become. That is also how people end up losing their kids, friends, and family members. As my father always told me, “Trust is the one thing that does not cost you anything, but it can cost you everything.”

Potential Positive Outcomes of Cheating

Cheating may also have the potential to positively impact you and your life. For example, you were in a relationship that you do not like, and for some reason you just can not find a way to leave your partner, either from being scared or the fear of getting abused. Therefore as bad as cheating sounds, it might benefit you as to close the door on a relationship you do not want to be a part of. Another way it could positively impact your life is that you learn how to work on yourself according to a relationship coach, Lucio Buffalmano. Working on yourself can make you a better person. You learn how to deal with big insecurities while also not blaming yourself or anyone else and start to put together of who you like and who you do not like. Lastly, another way cheating can have a good outcome is for you to start understanding your boundaries. For instance, you will start to realize it is not you that was the problem in the relationship, it was your partner and that is just the type of person that they are. They have made the choice to do that to you and your relationship, not you.

Objections to the Wrongness of Cheating

One might object to this by saying cheating is not that bad because they are in an “open” relationship. This means that people are together to have fun and whatever happens to break their ties, break their ties. Which should indicate no pain or guilt if you sleep with another person. That is somewhat understandable if you are young and have no responsibilities such as kids or paying bills while living together under the same roof, but nevertheless cheating is still wrong. Another objection might be is that people are young and stupid as the popular saying goes. So it is okay to be cheating on each other at a young age, because in the future you should learn that is not an okay thing to do, but that has little information to back up, and it could actually pose a threat as to being the exact opposite. Cheating might make you become that type of person that makes those choices become a normal part of you as mentioned earlier. Also another reason to add would be that you will know what you like and what you do not like in a person you choose to be with in a relationship. This is true, but there are many different ways to accomplish that without cheating. For example, you can be with someone for some time and then you start to understand that you do not like being with that person. So you end up breaking ties with that person. Not only will that save you time, but also the drama that is associated with cheating. Especially if you are a student. Not to forget it will make you stronger as an individual because you will learn how to tell people that you do not want to be with them anymore.


To conclude, I still believe cheating is wrong no matter what the circumstance is. It will cause you to become unfaithful and untrusting individual to yourself, your partner, your family, and your friends. Not only will you know it is wrong, but the fact is if you end up getting away with cheating in one of your prior relationships, I believe this will drive you to cheat more in upcoming relationships. This can be associated with an addictive drug. For example, you become addicted to a drug because it makes you feel like nothing else matters, the same can go for cheating. If you get away with it quietly, the reward is intense, so it will drive you to cheat more.      

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