Why Choosing the Right Career Path is Important

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Aside from the traditional associate’s degree that community colleges offer, there are a great number of trade degrees and certificates that one could pursue as well, such as: Nursing, cosmetology, welding, early childhood education, and many more. Not every student wants to obtain a four-year, or even a two-year degree. Some people are still deciding what career they are interested in, but want to make more money in the meantime. Others just simply do not want to attend school because it is not their cup of tea. Then there are those students who wish to earn their bachelor’s degree to work in a particular field, but want to find a way to get their foot in the door with a company. Whatever the situation may be, most community colleges throughout America offer trade degrees and certificates.

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How would you feel if you applied to a college, and did not get accepted? Most people would feel very discouraged. At community colleges, people do not have to worry about getting accepted, because there is an open admission policy. Many students who apply to colleges get nervous that they will not make the cut simply because they did not complete or score well on the A.C.T in high school, or they did not have a high grade point average. There is no need to fear not getting into a school now though, community colleges will gladly accept you with open arms.

Much of the student population throughout community colleges seems to be a mixture of young adults, single parents, and full-time employees. The reason for this is because there are more options for a flexible schedule. Community colleges offer choices for class times during days, nights, and weekends. They understand that school might not be your only priority, and they want to work around your schedule so you can take care of other obligations too.

Four-year institutions are known for having a chaotic schedule during final exam week. Students who attend those schools might usually have a class at 10:00 in the morning, but their final exam would be scheduled for 9:00 at night. Having a sudden change in your class times could interfere with work or family matters. At community colleges, final exams are during your regular class time, which makes things go much smoother at the end of the semester. While you are finishing up your last assignments and studying for your tests, most community colleges have extended hours for the “help” centers as well.

Choosing a career path is one of the most daunting decisions you will make in your entire life. These days it seems that everyone knows what field of work they want to go into. What if you do not fall into that category of people though? A community college is a fantastic place to begin your education if you are not sure about your major yet.

If you think that you are going to end up getting a bachelor’s degree, you can start at a community college and get your associates first. An associate’s degree is a two-year degree of general college classes. With any four-year degree, general college classes are required so you would still be working towards a bachelor’s in the end, and you would at least be getting started. If you do not want to obtain an associate’s degree, you could also take a variety of classes with different subjects to explore your interests. Both of these options are possible to give you more time on deciding a major, and without breaking the bank!

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