Why Churches Should Be Technologically Advanced

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The Church is the holiest place for any practicing Christian. It serves as a sanctuary, a place for people to reconnect with God and indulge in religious practices. For a Christian, it isn’t only important to be attuned to his or her God but to also be well aware of what goes on amongst the Christian community. Knowing about any upcoming events, sermons should be of priority to them. Over the course of time, Christianity has manifested in different ways; people prefer using different platforms to spread the message of God, connect with fellow Christians, and build a more intimate relationship with the community.

This is why churches need to be technologically advanced. In fact, many churches in the country are already digitized to an extent. They gain a lot by doing so. It gives people the option to stay up-to-date with what goes on in their church through online platforms. More so, using technological advancements makes understanding and learning about religion easier. You can have access to the Bible at all times through an iPad or your phone; you can use presentations to give sermons to make it more engaging, and for those who cannot attend church due to an ailment or old age, a live stream can be set up for them. Let’s have a look at why and how churches can be technologically advanced:

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Use Social media and Get a Website

If Churches invest in a website for their locality, people will stay up-to-date with any upcoming fundraisers. It adds to the convenience factor; people are more likely to check websites for updates than to visit the Church for reasons other than praying or attending a sermon. It reaches a larger audience and in the age of social media, is bound to create a greater impact than posters and flyers. You can have Facebook pages where messages, pictures, videos can be shared. This also cultivates a sense of community amongst people.

Presentations and Livestreams

People can now use visually and aesthetically pleasing presentations to make their sermons more engaging. Religious gatherings do not have to be boring. One can use different tools to make presentations interesting. Plus, everything can be streamed live for a larger audience. It should be mentioned that live streaming does not result in decreased attendance. Instead, it can push more people to be present in person for the next sermon.

Online Charities

People can have the option to donate through online transactions. There are card reader attachments available for smartphones and tablets that allows people to make single or multiple pledges. Churches can also create their own apps to make the entire process easier – they can send updates regarding charities and causes that need donations through such tools. This is the era of mobile phones and having an app of your own can make a lot of difference.

Smart Learning

Churches can now offer online classes for Bible studies which would make it more convenient for people to learn about the Bible and its verses from home. Through tablets and phones, people can access resources whenever they want. This is easy for everyone involved as people can gain knowledge without having to spend a lot of money, and churches can spread the message of Jesus without any trouble.

People can sign up for classes online, do their readings, and listen to lectures that can be uploaded to the website. It is also easier to use emails or online platforms to send out an announcement.

Churches can even send out mass emails regarding important messages or classes to keep everyone updated. It can significantly improve communication and make things easier to handle. People often keep religion and technology on two different ends of the spectrum, but it is worth noting that technology is only enhancing the potential of religion to be more accessible and understandable to the masses. There are many misconceptions attached to the incorporation of technology with religion such as the possibility of low attendance, but people tend to overlook the advantages that surpass the negatives.

Through technological advancements, churches are able to spread their message about light and positivity beyond the walls of the church. Christians can now listen to pre-recorded sermons from the comfort of their home a. They can have constructive conversations with other churchgoers on online platforms and have their queries answered through the church’s website. The convenience factor matters a lot in today’s time as people are mostly busy with jobs, children, and other obligations. Online classes will only enhance their knowledge and make it possible for them to learn as well as fulfill their duties.


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