Why Creative Writing is Important

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 As children when we are introduced to creative writing, we often wonder why it even exists. Mastering the skill to write something expressively is not a very easy task. With regular practice, one gradually develops the flair of penning down the truth with the experiences of people along with emotions and empathy. The articles that we regularly read in the newspaper need to be entertaining as well as they should dictate out the facts word by word.

Mastering the skill of creative writing:

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  • The purpose to write creatively is both, to be entertaining as well as to tell the truthful facts, hence, the benefits of creative writing are impressively notable.
  • The most important benefit is that it helps in building confidence in you.
  • You develop the ability to express an emotion or a thought by scribing it down gives a sense of hold and importance.
  • Helps in building confidence and also helps in developing the necessary voice.
  • Develop the ability to put forward your thoughts and have an opinion in various literary characters, philosophies, and topics gradually builds a sense of authority within an individual.
  • It helps an individual to, unknowingly, navigate the negative thoughts away through this power of penning down things in an effective way..
  • Self-expression in an effective way to relieve oneself of stress.


Many people consider this creative activity a waste of time as this involves a lot of imagining places, people, scenes and, situations. But what one does not realise that it helps in boosting the imagination power within you. Utilizing energy to refocus and think out of the box develops the individual to think of alternative solutions in times of crisis.

How creative writing help you to develop as an individual?

Creative writing clarifies the mind and thoughts of the individual, with regular creative writing exercises, the vocabulary of the writer increases immensely. Apart from the increasing of vocabulary, the mechanics of reading and writing are simplified to the reader.

As a writer starts writing a universe is created by the person―places, characters, scenes and situations are created by the writer. As the plot develops communications increase depicting emotions and helps in buildin a base of empath and communication. It also helps in building the character and also allows you to feel the emotions that the character is going through and communicate the same the reader.

Why Creative Writing is Important?

All the above developments lead to better mental, the physical and emotional health of an individual. If someone wonders why creative writing is important, then pinpointing to a particular reason is difficult. It is important in various ways. It improves not only the writing quality but also the reading quality and also helps in overall literacy development.

You gradually understands how to implement an idea, organize the thought and plan out the setting. Along with literary improvements, you develops the ability to analyze and confront challenges logically. The sense of being impractical diminishes over time and the inert qualities within you is revealed over the course of time. Finally, learning other languages with ease is pertinent to creative writing.

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