Why Death Penalty Doesn't Deter Crime

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Everyone is extremely shaking with speedy heart beat and overflowing nervous by just hearing accidentally the word ‘DEATH.’ It always appears inside of our imaginative minds the unexplainable beauty of heaven and the red-hot visage of hell thinking deeply about the last day of our final breath. Everyday, as we woke up in the morning while slowly opening our eyes in front of a wide and four-sided mirror, we can honestly say to ourselves and we all truly know that we humans are naturally imperfect. We do wrong things in minutes and seconds of time. We are strongly tempted by our execrable and unsure decisions. We act and speak with active presence of different kinds of common mistakes. People around the nook corners of the globe is living with obvious and secret violations. We are the law-breakers that sometimes violates the rules and regulations strictly implemented by the government. There are uncountable numbers of command and responsiblity writen in the book of law that we should follow for us not to experience the fatality of the consequences prepared by the head of the specific institution. But sadly standing with fears in the apex of today’s world, a single and unintentional sin can be now considered as a possible reason to die early and young through the forceful and uncontrollable power of law that has bad yet surprising punishment hiding beyond its numb and metal fist simply known as ”DEATH PENALTY.’ A brutal process of killing for confirmed numerous criminals who are involved and connected to a serious and sensitive crime. It is also called as ‘CAPITAL PUNISHMENT’ mainly made for murderers and other crime creators which condemned by the supreme court as ‘GUILTY.’ No one from them will be assigned to be forever in jail but rather they need to surrender and hand over their lives as replacement for their illegal actions that caused controversial outcome. There are individuals firmly believing that it is a right tool to stop the criminality and it could be a sign of warning to all citizens not to commit violence and unlawful deeds. But in my own angle of view, it disregards the importance and real value of human rights.It is not a proper way to achieve justice and the implementation of this law should be abolished early as now.

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There are common evidences that can strongly prove to people that death penalty is not an effective way for decreasing the rate of adhorrent crimes. According to the recent research of Global Crime Investigation(GCI), capital punishment has no believable ability to lessen the serious cases of criminal acts by killing the executed person without the help and use of due process of law. It can function on its own but this is not a good formula to solve the criminal problems since it shows unfairness and inequality in processing the correct informations compiled by the court. It has no reliable statistical data that can encourage the public to vote for this kind of oppresive process which they considered a solution for finding justice and peace which is far from the straight line of truth. There is no pieces of confirmation that death penalty is functional for the prevention of criminal acts in the world. However, it is already proven by the research experts that there are multiple disadvantages at the back of this human punishment.Second evidence is that, numerous innocent people has the possibility to be killed using this unjustifiable penalty. The rights of a single person to express what is true will be denied on time. The power and freedom to speak for himself will be difficult since the percentage to be safe is lower than the hope to be in prison. There is an information from the Organization for Humanity (OH) saying that 35% of people executed by death penalty are innocent, therefore not everyone who died from this old process of law is criminal. It is alarming to know that anyone of us could experience and suffer from just incorrect finger point of a lier. We cannot fairly defend ourselves to break fake accusation thrown upon us. The feeling of being accused without further elaborations for clear understanding is a million times hurtful than having physical wounds. Innocent people can be released out from prison but it is impossible to revive them and put back again the lost of their breath. Last evidence against death penalty is that, professional researchers from different countries believes that this type of punishment is a great opportunity and advantage for government officials to in hand the possesion in manupulating the system of the law and it gives them the privilege to put other people from death by using personal intention. Poor and powerless citizens are closer to be killed than the real suspect of the crime. It is the saddest reality in this modern era knowing that we are equally living but having not the same amount of power. The prejudice under political system of the country is still present and its unjust impact will bounce straightway towards the subordinate members of the society.

Why death penalty should be abolished?

There are different reasons why we should not allow the legalization of this punishment.

1.The risk of executing innocent people exists in any justice is one basic hair-raising proof that threatens everyone with the implementation of this severe punishment. It is possible to be killed even one person is innocent since its process is not accurate for all to easily understand the penalty given by the law officers. Wrong accusation can be the last day of living for sinless individuals. Human failure will always occur and death penalty is irreversible type of consequence.

2. The arbitrary application of death penalty can never be ruled out. The death penalty is often used in unfair manner against poor people, simple members and minorities of racial, political, ethnic and religious group of the society.

3. The death penalty is incompatible with human rights and human dignity. It obviously violates the freedom of people to live freely and the human rights are truly affected by this degrading treatment or punishment which must be apprehend as possible. It is not the right way to punish criminals since they have also the authority to speak and explain for the crime which they are involved. Death penalty undermines human dignity which is inherent to every human being.

4. The death penalty doesn’t deter crime effectively. There is no any pieces of conclusive evidence of the deterrent of death penalty. The statistics shows that it does not have positive effects and It is not an effective method to decrease the crime rates.

There are other common reasons that can surely break the walls of death penalty. As a human being, we have the power to voice out our own statements for this kind of controversial issue which violates the rights of all including the right to live. No one deserves to be killed. No one will suffer from this punishment. It is the perfect time to lift up the banner of due process for them to see the greatest value of life.

Death penalty is not an effective type of solution but rather it is a new form of serious problem that somehow a piece of dirt in all names of countiries located in different continents of the world. It may possibly heal the anger and pain of the families who are emotionally suffering from overflowing grief because of the sudden lost of one important person in their lives which being killed by unknown suspect. I wholeheartedly understand that it is challenging to accept the painful truth happened in unexpected time and I know that the first thing that will occur in our minds is to stand and fight for vengeance to have justice for the people who deserves it. We are controlled by our unexplainable emotions that force us to use our iron hands taking intense revenge to equalize and balance the feeling of being a victim of bloody crime. In this kind of situation, people cannot widely imagine the exact look of their steps and actions simply because they are in the midst of their evil ideas which is to end the process by also using deadly weapons or inhumane treatment. It is easy for them to agree with death penalty without deeply thinking the significance of life. They are not willing to give another day of chance and forgiveness to those who were considered hard-headed violators of law and they are strongly united in screaming loudly that killing must be approved as legal method to have justice for criminal cases. They are in favor of this heartless formula in solving everyday crimes and illegitimate human activities occuring with dreadful effects to everyone. But these basic reasons of them are not worthy to diretly accept and consider. It requires long days and years to review but again it is not good to implement and turn it into legal.

 No one has the right to stop one person from living despite of the fact of committing criminal actions which is against the funtions of the law and inexcusable on the eyes of the public. They must have high level of patience to wait for applicable and right process using the fair power and effectiveness of law and not by pushing the cruelty of this punishment of killing the lives of people who are judged as criminal. They committed different sins but we should remind ourselves that not everyone handling a sharp knife filled with blood is a killer. We should allow them to express the reality and they have the authority to speak for themselves and explain the starting point of the scenario.   

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