Why Did Germany Allow the Most Massive Genocide in History to Happen

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The Germans were upset with the Treaty of Versailles from the first World War because most of the blame was put onto them. The Germans were angry, so they decided to put the blame onto the Jewish community because they felt like they needed someone to blame. Millions of lives were lost just for the sake of achieving their goal through an extent to wreck people’s hopes and dreams in all for their own satisfaction is just cruel. Is there a reason for this act of discrimination towards people that had done nothing wrong to them?

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The Jews were subjected to massive racial government policy. Jews were cut out from universities, businesses, homes, and schools as well. Nazi leaders were getting ready to pursue their first major law to remove the rights of Jewish citizens, enforcing a law called the ‘Law for the Restoration of the Professional Civil Service’ on April 7, 1933. A new law had soon come after and it was known as the Nuremberg Law that excluded Jews from having citizenship, marrying or having sexual relations with another German. It took the Germans five years to actually be able to finalize this act. Hitler wanted to be the supreme commander of Germany. He wanted to get rid of the innocent Jews without the fear of being removed as the head of state. He wanted the power so that he could wage a world war and show the people that they’re gonna win this. Once his plans were complete stage three would be finalized.

Jews were to be moved to concentration camps in an area Known as the Ghettos. The Nazi’s had seen the Ghettos as an opportunity to control and segregate the Jews. The Ghettos were overcrowded and unsanitized as well. Contagious disease spread and people would fall ill or fall to their deaths. Some residents had enough money or valuables they could trade for food smuggled into the ghetto; others were forced to beg or steal to survive. The children had to be resourceful and make themselves useful in order to take care of their loved ones. Germans ordered Jews in the Ghettos to wear identifying badges or armbands. Not allowing them to have any type of freedom that resulted in leaving the camp. Some didn’t have the willingness to live on for the miserable state that they were in. They were fighting for their lives constantly every day. The Jews weren’t only hated by Germans.

Jews in Europe had been victims of discrimination and persecution since the Middle Ages, often for religious reasons. Christians saw the Jewish faith as something that was weird and unlikely, believing that Jesus wasn’t the son of God. Each Nazi leader had a role to play in the Holocaust but the man who was calling the shots was no other than Adolf Hitler. Adolf Hitler was an amazing convincer using words that would drag his audience in wanting to listen, hear and watch more. He promised the Nation that he would make them as they once were for they had gone through an immense defeat against the allied nations during World War I. The Nazi’s were all members of the National Socialist Party in Germany. The party included outside hatred and anti semitic, anti-Marxist and anti-democratic plans. Is this what God really wanted for his people?

Faith wasn’t going to be enough for these people because what they were going to experience would haunt them forever. The Nazi’s had asked two German firm scientist that would create deadly poison for rats. Once the Nazis had purchased most of the poison they began their experiment. Both scientist wanting to sell their products they had no idea that the Germans were using it to kill the Jews. After killing thousands of Jews in what they called an “accident”. The poison that the scientist had created was Zyklon-B gas. The Nazi’s were just people who had a lot of evil in them which resulted in a lot of discrete matters. They would even burn the Jews and hang them as well. In the book Night, the main character Elie had stated that the adults were hanged in order to be punished for their sins that they’ve committed, this caused him to feel delightful. After some time he had seen a young child being hanged and Elie’s heart was completely shattered. “ To hang a young boy in front of thousands of spectators was no light matter. The head of the camp read the verdict. All eyes were on the child. He was avidly pale, almost calm, biting his lips. The gallows threw its shadow over him’ (Wiesel, 61). Abusement and torture were activities that the Germans found pleasure in watching their pride being ripped from them in a matter of seconds.

A concentration camp was different from an extermination camp, Jews had jobs that were hard and tiring. They would separate the girls from the boys in barrack-like buildings where they would sleep in cots that were really uncomfortable. Jews would wash in buildings with showers even though they weren’t actually showers. It was like being in the military for them and they didn’t even have any military experience. The Jewish were dismal, hungry and put up with this. They were treating them like abused animals and not having any pity or concern for their well being at all. If they disobeyed it would result in a harsh beating or possible even towards death. They struggled every day to go through pain and suffering even in rain, snow or heat they were forced to push themselves to the uttermost against their will.

Not being able to take action during the Holocaust was regret for most nations. On February 1942 – The Romanian government proposed to the Allies that the transfer of 70,000 Jews were to be moved to Palestine, but receives no response from Britain or the U.S.

If only the US or Britain had responded there would have been so much change. The President of the US had even promised to say that they’ll help these refugees but it seemed like the government had other plans for him. By the time foreign countries were able to try to come in and help about millions of Jews had already died. Some decided not to be involved others had wanted to go in but were held back. While denying the newspaper and thinking that these facts were lies, it soon came around as being something much more. We need to make the world a better and safer place for all races no matter the color or religion. In order to prevent future genocides, the world needs a plan so great that genocides like the Holocaust won’t happen again.

The steps for this plan are simply but not be easy to accomplish. First,We need to design an “Early Warning Project” this means that it gives us a first-of-its-kind tool to alert policymakers and the public to places where the risk for mass atrocities is at its greatest. Together, people around the world can call for action before it’s too late. We all know that during the Holocaust technology was not present therefore that gave the rest of the world a set back to be able to help. Next, we can take the “Responsibility to Protect” which is a major involvement with the Early Warning Project this can be are the first priority before encountering the enemy. Human life is very important even in an intermediate situation even if you have to take one life in order to save another than so be it. The Last stage is to “End Impunity through a judicial action” If the country isn’t able to extend jurisdiction over alleged perpetrators of genocide, there should be organizations that would want to take action. They first need to make an agreement towards the government, convincing the Senate why America should send their military over to that region. These plans would be an amazing use to our government system if a genocide ever occurs. We as people can believe that doing this will make a difference towards are lives and many others as well. The Holocaust would be something to remember throughout the years. The lives that had been lost was too much to bear. Adolf Hitler deserves whatever punishment he had coming his way. As for the sins he has committed God should punish him greatly, the hatred he had in his eyes for these people was much too great. May God have mercy on the ones that had been killed during the Holocaust for they did not know what else to do.

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