Why Did I Choose a Business Major in the Music Industry

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Growing up, I always had a passion for music and dance in general. I would lock myself in my room for hours on end listening to music or practicing dance moves I had seen in trending music videos. I became quite popular in school as I could not only sing but also dance and play a handful of musical instruments. This preoccupation with music continued to grow through high school where I participated in numerous concerts and music competitions and, proudly, won a few trophies. I recently had a conversation with an uncle who asked me whether I would be interested in being a physician like him to which I responded in the negative. He probed further by asking what I wanted to be, but I could not give him a solid answer. He finally gave up but I kept probing myself by evaluating the numerous options I have – my grades are really good. I am now more than convinced that I want to do something I love; I want to specialize in music. Consequently, I am interested in majoring in Music Business in the department of Business and Entrepreneurship as I believe that it will go a long way in helping me leverage my passion for music to become a celebrated professional in the industry. Why did I choose a business major in the music industry? A music business major will help me identify an area of specialization, expand my networks, and give me firsthand experience, which is all key to success in the music sector.

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While everyone in the contemporary world must acquire business and entrepreneurship skills, I think that the music business specifically makes more sense for me as it will help me decide on what aspect of music to focus on. Considering that I have been pursuing music purely out of passion, I believe that it is time that I explored the art more formally as this will help me identify a niche, which is key to helping me grow as a music lover and performer. It is important to note that I am currently not affiliated with any genre of music, or even have a specific musical career in mind, therefore, the knowledge and skills that I will gain while studying music business will likely help me chart the way forward as a professional in music.

Apart from identifying a niche, a major in the music business will expand my networks as it will make it possible to not only interact with fellow students with similar passions and goals, but also with music scholars, artists, and professionals from Australia and beyond. I believe that this is an important prerequisite for growth and professional establishment as I will have mentors and reference points to work with. Further, I could even meet future business partners or band partners with whom I can grow together in the highly competitive music industry. This will make it easier for me to thrive as I would have access to invaluable resources in the form of advice and experiences from experts who have achieved what I can only dream of at the moment and fellow upcoming music artists and professionals. In particular, I would love to spend a lot of time with faculty as they have a rich knowledge of the music industry both within and outside the country. Their guidance and counsel will particularly be important considering that some of them also have a history as practicing artists and professionals with histories of success.

Finally, focusing on the music business will give me firsthand experience of ongoing signs in the music industry. While it is important to understand the theories behind the music, it is more important to go through the actual activities and processes that performers and professionals such as producers, directors, instrumentalists, and managers undertake. This will sharpen my knowledge and skills and, consequently, make me more competitive in the music and entertainment scene. I will likely learn how to play additional instruments, perform before commercial audiences, and even the rules and regulations that govern the music industry.

In conclusion, I find music business as the most appealing major as it will help me choose a niche, grow my networks, and provide the firsthand experience I need to become a music professional. That’s why did I choose a business major in the music industry.   

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