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As I’m a Student of Anthropology, I’m interested in technology and science. My favorite part of Cyborg anthropology is Humans life with modern technology (Mobiles, Computer, appliances). As we live in the Technological era which it’s a formative age for technology or we can say that we have easily adopted these Technologies in our day to day life in terms of use, In simple way whole world is connected to each other with internet and we can see that transition of technology towards being used in everyday life which may be required for us in terms of good way or proper way but we more physically and mentally dependent on a technology which creates so many problem generated among teenagers but now days children above 5 years they know how to use in comparison with adults, they continuous used to on mobile gaming, video streaming, texting, means they live own space which is cyberspace in simple word “internet”.

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A Searching topic for my term paper and presentation I was introduced to the field of Cyborg anthropology — the study of humanity and Technology which comes into digital Anthropology. As student of anthropology what I really liked about anthropology is that it crossed multiple fields of study. Technology is so connected with humanity at this point that it takes multiple fields to understand both tools and people. As we all know technology made by humans and for humans for their benefits why human innovation with technology creates interesting field of study “Cyborg anthropology” which decoded by anthropology, sociology, and computer scientist and other people which can understand humans. In traditional anthropology, somebody goes to another place (country or nation), says: “How fascinating these people are! How interesting their tools and their culture and tradition are,” and then they do research paper, and maybe a few other anthropologists read it, and we think these cultures are very exotic.

Nowadays the modern world and look at the everyday life and how the people around us are influenced by technology in everyday life. These all observed by the Cyborg anthropologists “We all are Cyborgs now” “Amber case” in a Ted Talks Events in Vienna said this statement. A Cyborg isn’t Terminator or Robocop, Humans innovation technology made into Cyborgs in terms our benefits yet the experience of regular day to day existence that has been modified by innovation. Everybody that utilization innovation is a superhuman. It’s not all that peculiar any longer since it’s the standard – most every other person around us is likewise superhuman. The main time we see it is the point at which our gadgets come up short on control. We’re all super people until the point that our gadgets lose vitality. Dr. Donna Haraway, University of California educator, says that we are altogether Cyborgs however it’s not really what you think. In others sense, the use of any tools (devices) that functions as an extension made us as a Cyborg, In the broadest sense, Our interaction with technology made us as a Cyborg and Cyborg system has no inherent limits, the internet made us a Cyborg as well.

Cyborg Anthropology is a structure for understanding the impacts of technology and innovation on people and culture. In this project, we describe the how’re humans connect with machines and innovation from multiple points of view characterizes our identity. But Cyborgs are more simply understood to have actual, physical technological extensions/prostheses. The examples of Cyborgs would include people with pacemakers, insulin pumps, and bionic limbs. Also Smart phones technology gives one to connect almost anywhere in the world, say something, and be heard elsewhere. These small devices which lives in our pockets need should be encouraged each night require our frequent attention. Just a couple of years these devices become stitched into the fabric of our everyday lives. We feel out of connect when they run out of batteries.

I’m fascinated with mobile devices for another reason — they are a bundle of sensors that we walk around with every day. That sensor data can be used to do very interesting things, such as automatically turn on the lights in your house when you get home, or turn the lights off when you leave. A PC is a psychological transportation gadget like Tesla car which can by AI technology, yet it requires not be constrained by its size and shape. We can put anything we need into PCs and telephones, pounds of material that you’re bearing constantly. For example, you ought to dependably have the capacity to get data in view of when you require it. Area assumes a major part in that. At present-time, information is stuck on the web, not where you are. When you arrive at the air terminal, you regularly need to look through your email to get to the data you require keeping in mind the end goal to get to your goal. It should be there on your telephone. There is a great deal of talk that we’re at long last going into a time of the “Web of Things”. As we all know now days mostly work which can possible by the machine we do if you visit a tech store like an apple store, you can see the Apple Store, employee as a Cyborg, a hybrid of human and machine. Each store is flooded with Smartphone, Mac-book, I-pad, Apple-watch. we can see there is no cash payment option customer pay by NFC (Near field communications), They explore or go through the whole store check every product Indeed, even the plain first advances in human progress had this Cyborg quality.

The marriage of people with innovation is the thing that made us the experts of different species, giving us weapons and instruments harder and more honed than the paws of any creature, anticipating our quality at more noteworthy and more prominent separation until the point when we could cut down even the best of brutes in the chase, also design new products that deliver significantly more nourishment than their wild progenitors, and tame creatures to make us more grounded and speedier. For a large number of years, everything has been a physical adjustment of self. It has helped us to expand our physical selves, go speedier, hit things harder, and there’s been the farthest point on that. In any case, now what we’re taking a gander at isn’t an expansion of the physical self, however an augmentation of the psychological self. Also, thus, we’re ready to movement speedier and impart contrastingly using innovation.

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