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Steemit is made up of various communities and the function of these communities is to help members grow on steemit and become great original content creators on steemit and also having reasonable curation on their post. However, these communities need a medium of communication with each other and among members.

There are so many communication platforms available such as telegram, WhatsApp and discord. Communities are looking for the best platform to achieve their goal. Telegram is out of it as so many people complain of not enjoying telegram and so will rather stick with WhatsApp. The argument on ground now is WhatsApp and discord which is better for Steemians and communities.

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Inasmuch as WhatsApp has been functioning very well with groups of communities on it, personally I will always preach discord over whatsapp. Discord app is a media that has so many features that one can use for the benefit of members of the community.


  1. Discord offers you privacy. Unlike WhatsApp where anyone can chat you up or spam you without seeking your permission, discord gives you the settings option of selecting the specified group of people you desire to be able to reach you alone.
  2. There are so many whales on discord. Discord is like a meeting point for all users on not only on steemit but the block chain in general. On WhatsApp we are accustomed to seeing only groups with members of same nationality on it. On discord however, there are so many servers where you get the opportunity of meeting and interacting with whales, dolphins, planktons and what have you. Discord affords you the opportunity of meeting great minds such as @good-karma, @surpassinggoogle, @surfyogi, @ackza, @officialfuzzy to mention but a few. Most of us have made friends of foreign nationality who have helped us so much on our steemit journey.
  3. Discord gives you the opportunity for upvotes. Many servers on discord unlike WhatsApp run curation shows where you get to listen to others talk about their post and also listen to you talk about your post and positively criticize the post then bless you with upvotes. Servers like @promo-mentors, @airhawk-project, @stach, @platform, @altruistic, @bloggersheaven and a host of others have helped individual Steemians develop themselves better.
  4. Impacts Knowledge: several servers on discord hold webinars, workshops and lectures on steemit and crypto currency. Unlike whatsapp where all you do is chat and maybe get hold of some information flying around, discord is like a school of learning. Servers like @adsactly, @whaleshares, @airhawkproject, @esteem with the newly created eSteem University, @steemgigs, @promo-mentors, @air-clinic and a host of others have helped in shaping so many in being better original content creators, great crypto investors and better curators.
  5. Fun time. Where else is better to spend your evening if not on discord. There are so many fun activities taking place on discord 247 and especially at night in West Africa time. These programs ranges from talent hunt to games to talk shows and they are not only entertaining but educating too. Servers like @naijapidgin, @steemgigs, @wafrica, @stach, @air-clinic etc have got so many programs lined for your listening and learning pleasure.
  6. Free voice and chat. discord offers you the opportunity to communicate via voice and interact at the same time via chat giving you an amazing experience. There are online games on discord and music for your listening pleasure. You don’t just chat but can have fun while chatting.
  7. Presence of bots: discord has several automated admin and moderation tools that help keep things from going off the trail even without a single human moderator available or online unlike WhatsApp. Discord has so many bots with different functions to spice your discord experience.

I could go on and on. I could talk about the various channels on discord and how you can have your announcement on a lock down and pin messages you want to be readily available to members. I can also talk about the fact that it doesn’t make your phone jam or slow it down unlike what belonging to different groups on WhatsApp does to your phone. These are my personal opinion and I am of the fact that discord is better for community growth and for individual growth on steemit than WhatsApp.

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