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Why Discrimination Still Exists In Society

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Discrimination was very big problem in our past since 1960s, but it still exists in our society. Generally, discrimination means treating somebody unequally or unfairly because he/she belongs from different religion, gender, group, or society. In 1960s discrimination was legal in U.S. by law. At that time if somebody is super intelligent or very talented in particular field he or she wouldn’t grow because of discrimination. Moreover, there are many type of discrimination such as Gender discrimination(men and women) age discrimination, rich & poor, black and white people, harassment etc. also, discrimination happens anywhere like your workplace, friend-zone and in your culture; it doesn’t matter. But, if we talk about today, the level of discrimination declines as well as according to law or government discrimination is illegal. Unfortunately, discrimination still exit in our environment, law were changed but think of people is still same like 1960s, for example in our society 60-70% of men thinks women just good for household work or women can’t compete men and some of them thinks black people do more crime. These are just general or common thoughts in our brain; still discrimination stuck in our mind. There are some arguments about discrimination which were explained in next paragraphs with their evidence.

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Moving further, in our workplaces 70% employer do partiality with their employees which is real truth. So, a first argument of this essay is discrimination at workplace. If we focus on this argument, it cause of unemployment especially. At time of hiring, employer only select those persons who are young and avoid old person. As well as, my company switches their workers with young guys and gives layoff those employees who are old or senior citizen. Also, there one more turn at the time of hiring, employer only select those candidate who wear only formal cloths, by chance somebody wear jeans he was rejected. In addition, recent case happen in Columbia, company rejected those candidates, because of tattoos on their neck. Moreover, if we focus on those things it is clearly show it is discrimination with those person who had tattoos on their neck, actually, companies totally underestimate their talents, skills and experience. I don’t think so it is any strong reason to reject somebody. Everyone knows discrimination was legal in 1960s but not in this era. It clearly demonstrates discrimination still exist in our society which gives us very bad outcomes in future. Additionally, discrimination leads to terrorism, for example if society treats unfairly to particular group, then some people of that particular group takes illegal steps which become very dangerous for our society like black people or Muslim.

Furthermore, Discrimination in public places like restaurant is second argument, Waffle house is popular restaurant in United States which is not serving black people. Nobody try to stop this, everyone know that’s wrong or that’s illegal but they still doing. Moreover, in our society some people still thinks like 1960s which is totally unfair. Also, if we check the history ‘Waffle house’ sued 10 times in last 40 year but they still doing racial discrimination. As well as, the one case was female employee of Waffle house was fired because she married with black guy, it doesn’t make any sense. And, this is not only one restaurant where they treat unfairly with black people such as ‘Whitspot’. However, U.S government ignoring this and didn’t take any strong step for racism.

A part from this, we have some strong evidence why discrimination still exist in workplace. In age discrimination, research proved that workers nearing 50 years old as well as those close to retirement, particularly skilled and semiskilled workers, are the most vulnerable to age discrimination in employment, and that the discrimination itself is most likely to entail expulsion from the workplace. Moreover, research find that over 2,000 verified cases of workplace age discrimination between 1988 and 2003, and “in-depth immersion into over 120 of these cases, demonstrate status-based discriminatory vulnerabilities within the ageing workforce”. This study of clearly proved that racism at workplace exist.

However, we have evidence of Discrimination is also exist in restaurants. Some of restaurant with customers, we found a evidence those customer who came regularly those were serve very well but other customer who were not regular gets lower quality service. Also, they found that female servers earn comparable tips to male servers when the service quality they produce is about exceptional, but for any lower service quality their tips are smaller. Sometime restaurant charge higher price than other because they belongs from other community, research show that franchisees are significantly more likely than outlets owned by companies to charge higher prices based on the proportion of blacks in a neighborhood which is unfair. Price should be equal for everyone especially for food it is totally unfair or we can say discrimination.

According to my opinion, that’s true discrimination still exist in our society and gives us bad outcomes in future. In addition, change in rule & regulation is not too effective but it become more effective if we change our thoughts about particular community, religion, gender or whatever. Because some of person were wrong from particular community but not whole community is responsible or sometimes we blame whole community is wrong. These are 1960s‘s thoughts but today is 2018, we really need to change our thinking and treat everyone equally and fairly. It will give us some positive outcomes and feel happy. Some pupils can’t show their talent and not able to prove their self just because of discrimination. We need treat everyone equally and fairly and finish the discrimination.


In conclusion, evidence proved that discrimination still exists in our society but we need focus on it how to finish it because discrimination gives us very bad results in future, we it should be dangerous. Moreover, in this essay, clearly show how some people face discrimination in different places like workplace, restaurants etc. Government need to focus it how we can end it because in some cases government didn’t take any strong steps and treats everyone equally or fairly in every field so they can prove their-self.

Disclaimer: This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers. You can order our professional work here.

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Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?
Do not miss your deadline waiting for inspiration! Our writers will handle essay of any difficulty in no time. Want to get a custom essay from scratch?