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Why Do I Have A Strong Desire To Help People

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Our world is filled with approximately 6,973,738,433 individuals. When I say individuals I mean human beings, people, people who are capable of feeling, changing, and creating. We have been present since the beginning, the present, and will be in the future. What is to be of our future though? When we look at the people who fill our world today we see a change occurring, change that is ripping apart morals. I believe that there is an international issue of people in today’s world and the generations to come are losing their humanity and the hold that unites the world as one.

Seven months ago, I was a normal junior in High School. I had homework, was working on my FFA activities, working, and enjoying softball season. Everyday I had softball practice afterschool. My team and I would always be challenged with certain activities but have fun at the same time. We loved it! After practice, we would simply lay down on the bleachers with tired, sore muscles as we waited for our parents to take us back to our lonely beds at our homes. One day, it was just the Varsity Shortstop from softball and I waiting for our rides home. We were talking about school, giggling at jokes, and simply enjoying each other’s company. We then began to converse about the world, people, and the generations to come. She then said something that would echo in my mind for months.

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“There really is no hope, you know? Everything is just bad like the kids and stuff so why should we even care? We can’t do anything. For real, like one person doing something. I don’t care what anybody says, you need a big group of people to do something. You see the kids in our school, everything is just going to be bad and probably get worse.”

To be truthful, I was really astounded at first. I really didn’t know what to say. I disagreed yet I couldn’t find words to respond. As if on queue, her mother arrived to pick her up. I stuttered a goodbye and continued to ponder over her sentiment.

In an odd way, her statement served as a gust of wind that blew off the blindfold covering my eyes. I started to see things in a new, worldly perspective. I began to see how the world was declining. I was seeing more and more negativity within the various generations of children. Our world is becoming filled with waste without a single thought. Villages were starving because they knew barley anything about farming. What is everything coming to? I don’t like what I’m seeing. It’s as if I was standing on a movie set and the fake walls that were surrounding me suddenly fell away and I could see what I was really surrounded by. This statement created a change in me. This change within myself ignited a passion to change what was around me for a better good. I don’t want to see people and our world go down a detrimental spiral.

This is when I decided to dedicate my future towards changing and helping this world of ours. I believe I can do this through my passions. I’m passionate about helping others, Agriculture, and filmmaking. It is an odd combination but these are subjects that I find myself becoming vehement over. I want to go out into the world and make the exterior of it better through communication and film. Film has become a major hit in the latest century. Most of the population will watch television during the day. Film can be used to communicate to and inform individuals about our global predicaments that are faced today and in the future. Agriculture is equal in vitality. Agriculture consists of our food, clothing, and homes. Numerous amounts of countries, cities, and villages are full of people who go without because of their lack of knowledge within agriculture. If the subject of farming, for example, were to be communicated throughout these places that do not have a greater knowledge of these things then we would see a tremendous results of improvements.

We are seeing more and more obstacles arise in the world that we live in, obstacles ranging from pollution to crippling poverty. Harriet Tubman once stated, “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.”

I believe that I can make a change for good as well as anyone else. I plan to make this change through my passion. I believe that this string of humanity that holds our generations can be strengthened. I devote myself to making a change. I’m devoted to seeing the 6, 973, 738, 433 individuals on this earth have a positive future.


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