The Overwhelming Positives About Living and Studying in Canada

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I love Canada with the whole of my heart, it has been my dream country since I was in secondary school, I used to have this Indian-mathematics teacher in my secondary school then who is always telling us about Canada, that has made me to develop interest in going there someday, With my findings, I believed Canada is truly superb, and it's a home to many good people and land of many opportunities, land full of multicultural values, multi-languages and without minding the religion background of anyone. Canadians see themselves as one family. Canada has one of the largest populations of immigrants in the world. This is the only country in the world that took time to identify the needs of their citizen to make economic grow by providing an avenue for Express Entry for skilled workers.

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Leadership: Canada is blessed with a leader that has the love of people in heart, Justin Tradeau is not a politician, because normal politician would only care about their personal interest first before others. He has shown what real leaders is all about, a leader who is very young and open-minded, he was just 44 years old when he became the prime minister of Canada and he has done pretty well showing how a leader should lead a country. He has made me understand that women are not just to be in the kitchen cooking or taking care of the children, he has given more opportunity to women in his cabinet. This is one of the system I want to be part of.

I have never seen or heard anything bad about Canada, which has made the country to be safe and peaceful, a country where they do not see a problem with race, color of skin, religion or cultural background of other would definitely prosper. Canada does not seems to have time to create hatred, rather they are so busy creating wealth, good and safe environment for everyone, without anyone claiming to be the real Canadians or immigrant.

I selected to study in because Canada has the highest educated people in the world, which made them to standout among other countries in terms of exposure and intellectual, economic growth and human development. Which has helped them to become independent. Canada is sweet and if I have an opportunity to come to this world again, I would rather choose to be a Canadian, due to what I was able to find out about their education system, which I believe is one of the best in the world if not the best in the world. But good things are not usually cheap really, I can understand why education cost is on the high rate in Canada. Everyone in the world want to have their educational experience, unlike here in Nigeria. I wish I have what it takes to have my education from my early stage in Canada, I love education but i was unfortunate for me to be among the 16 children of my father who do not appreciate western education, I came from a family where they appreciate only giving birth to many children as their main priority in life, rather than taking care of the children. Though my late mother did try for me, until I lost her when I was in my first year in college but I could not continue my education due to fund so I later dropped out of school. I made a promise to my late mother that I will try everything possible to make sure I go back to school and finish up and also not to only school in Nigeria, but to go outside the country to have more education. It's a pride to be educated in my country now. I want to become someone in life, so I can help to give back to the society, I know the problem is lack of education. Education is the key to success in life, it's an eye-opener to civilization. I know what I went through before I was able to finish up my college.

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