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I have introduced to psychology for the first time in high school thanks to my philosophy teacher. Since then, there has been a growing curiosity within me. My motivation comes from there in a sense because I always like to listen to people and try to understand them since I know myself. I’m curious about observing people and the motives behind their behavior. One of the reasons behind my decision to become a clinical psychologist is to be a part of the positive change in people struggling with psychological problems. I think it is very valuable to witness this change. As I go through therapy and realize it has a huge benefit in my life, I also want to help other people to get through their struggles and provide support to them during their challenging moments in their life. To maintain a healthy therapeutic relationship with the client, I think that we must first understand and control our emotional reactions, so I will continue to see my therapy alongside the education I will receive. During my time at  University, I and my classmates had many opportunities to work as a group and deliver well-established research projects, which helped me to gain good communication skills and problem-solving abilities. The field of psychology was also an area that made it possible for me to self-explore and self-reflect on my weaknesses, and moral values through class discussions and assignments. I think it is crucial to empathize, respect, and understand other people’s perspectives on different situations no matter what career path we take; so throughout my university years, I believe I become a person who is free of prejudice and biased thoughts. I think in the field of psychology, there is never an end to learning and we need to constantly improve ourselves and potentially reach our best selves to help the clients most appropriately. So that’s why people deserve not only well-intentioned but also well-informed practitioners and I will strive to learn new, effective ways to approach the problems they encounter with additional education from approved institutions.

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One of the reasons I would like to attend this university and why I want to be a clinical psychologist is that it has a great reputation with full of valuable academicians and offers a great curriculum program in which the course outline for the clinical psychology program provides students to get feedback from their practices through supervision. The fact that the course outline for the clinical psychology program is based on the scientist-practitioner model, in which it provides feedback to the students under supervision is one of my reasons to choose your university. In this way, students have an education system that improves them both in practice and scientific terms. It is also advantageous that in the first year, students learn both CBT and psychodynamic perspectives, and then in the second year, they get to choose which perspective is much more suitable for themselves. To become a patient clinical psychologist who can think analytically and objectively with high ethical standards, I strongly believe that I need to continue my education which will help me to put the things I’ve learned into a clinical setting and develop my skills further. So I know that this program will be a good fit for me for achieving these goals with gaining supervised clinical experience. I also expect that this program will provide me with an opportunity to improve my theoretical knowledge foundation which I can use in a practical setting. I believe conducting research helps us to develop skills such as critical thinking which is needed in any activity in clinical psychology and some of my research interests include ageism, the discrimination against elders which I hope to study in the future.

I plan to pursue a career working with adults. Through the internships I completed, I observed that having a healthy childhood contributes greatly to a person’s future. However, I believe with the right interventions, people can get through their mental problems which is one of the reasons why I wanted to be a clinical psychologist in the first place. I believe with teaching people new ways to cope and the right support provided in their life, they can reach recovery or at least a healthier life with more control over their symptoms. As for me, it’s not just about searching for ‘what’s wrong” in people but also looking at what is working well and how we can build on that. In my opinion, people are much more resourceful and resilient than they usually realize. So why I want to be a clinical psychologist and would like to help people to see just how great their potential is. I also believe it is important to learn about and embrace diversity, thus it will broaden our clinical perspective and allow our work to be practical with the population. Mental health is just as important as physical health, even in some cases if there isn’t a healthy mind, it is not possible to obtain a healthy body. Unfortunately in our country, I don’t think there is much emphasis and awareness on this subject. So as future clinical psychologists I think it is also our responsibility to raise awareness and encourage people to question this matter and demolish the taboo which surrenders the mental health topic in society.

I am excited for the challenges that are ahead of me in graduate school and my career; hard work, certain failure, and long hours will be necessary and I accept them willingly. 

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