Why Do I Want to Be a Good Dentist

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A healthy mouth can mean the world to a person for several reasons. Not only can give our face its shape, but it can also give us greater confidence to talk and speak clearly. My interest in dentistry and dental hygiene and therapy started at the age of ten when my parents took me to the orthodontist to get braces. Over three years of wearing braces, the results were obvious as it didn’t change only my teeth, but my character and personality as well. My goal is to turn my interest and passion into a career as a Dentist or Dental Hygienist and Therapist and to be able to share the same joy with others by making a big difference in their lives, that is why I want to be a dentist.

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I remember people asking me what I want to study when I grow up. My answer was always Dentistry or Dental Hygiene and Therapy. The response I received many times was to keep an open mind because you never know if you will change your mind someday. I knew this would never be the case and that is why I never felt comfortable hiding my dental passion. That is why, in my free time, I remember myself visiting my local dentist, who is a family friend, and was showing me some important roles and responsibilities.

The way the dentists treated my sister and me when we were younger was one of the reasons that led me to take this decision from ten years old. I always wanted to help and care for – not just for my family – but for all the people who need it. I love being around kids and that is why I spend my free time with my younger cousins. One of the qualifications I have is critical thinking which involves analyzing a problem and taking a decision on my own. Also, I have excellent communication skills, kindness, and confidence which will help me to discuss with the patients.

Studying in the United Kingdom is my dream since high school. The main reason is that the UK will help me develop excellent language skills. The English language is of crucial importance in today’s global business arena and that is why I can work anywhere I want. Wherever in the world I work, if I have a degree from a UK university, will aid my career progression because of the quality education it is associated with. Furthermore, there will be more flexibility for my working time and maybe I will be eligible for financial help with tuition fees, and possibly some extra help because I am an EU student.

By studying at the university, I don’t want to gain only knowledge, but also to obtain patience and organizational skills. In addition, I believe that I possess the skills and requirements to study at your university as a dentist student and I hope that you allow me to do that. Many years from now, all I want to do is to happily look back, feeling proud of the positive impact I have made on the lives of many people.  That’s why I want to be a dentist.  

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