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Who Needs A Mentor? A mentor is someone whose life pattern motivates a deliberate action to learn and develop. I can also say a mentor is someone whose achievement creates an attraction to achieve the same feet at least! They are individuals whose achievements have become a yardstick to measure success. It takes two to tangle; if we are to relate this to who a mentor is we can say, without someone to put you through something you want to achieve it is practically impossible to achieve them. Mentors are more like a template, they make life easier, easier because, you make lesser mistakes, they help you identify possible setbacks in your strategies/plans, they open your minds to new ideas; identify opportunities for growth and personal development. They are your ‘guardian angel’. So, who needs a mentor and why do I want to be a mentor?

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Teens & YouthThese sets of people are critically in need of a mentor. At their age, most life experiences are new. They are at the age where they make life-defining choices, from Choa ice of course of study to goal setting, talent development, interpersonal relationship self-discovery, amongst others are important stages of life where they need guidance. Some elite schools do have a department whose job is to discover and nurture talents. 

Few teachers/instructors also take a keen interest in exceptional students; they help to keep them in check when they are not doing well. Several students with enormous potential have gone without fulfilling their potential because they were not able to get a mentor to lead them aright, while others were not open to the idea of getting someone who could see them as prospects. Instead, they are often guided by their environment and peer pressure. A team of advisers from different works of life is available to provide professional assistance for anyone who needs it. We now live in an age where the youths and teenagers determine what goes on around us, technological advancement in almost every facet of life tells the story of the influence the youth now have in the world.

Professionals. Professionals’ word professional is broad, there are different perspectives to explaining the word. For this subject, let’s say the professionals here are engineers, doctors and nurses, la, laboratory scientists, lecturers, lawyers, bankers, and accountants. It doesn’t matter how good your grades were as an undergraduate, neither does it matter if you graduated top of your class! To get the best for your career get a mentor, every skilled individual needs one! The real-life experience of practicing what you have learned has another learning curve on its own. Some of us call it “practical experience”, you won’t get this experience if you are not humble enough to listen to the advice of someone who has the experience, you get confidence in doing what you love doing when you have the trust of your mentor, the better you become, the more your mentor commits to your hands, and in so doing you also become a mentor to others. You can have as many as 10 mentors but each should not be offering the same kind of advice, you can have a spiritual mentor, a career/business mentor, and a life mentor/coach. If you want to build a successful career as a professional you need a mentor!

Artisans. Artisans are individuals who are skilled in a trade, they mostly work with their hands, and in local parlance, we refer artisans to as people with ‘hand-work’. Some form of apprenticeship goes into harnessing the skills, even if you learned it online, it’s a process you cannot eliminate when we are talking about these sets of people. Artisans also need mentoring, even after spending donkey years learning the skill, they need someone to provide them with useful advice to help them improve their skill. We have experienced evolvement in the way things are done. For instance, fashion design has evolved, with more creativity and sophisticated machinery used, it is not strange that some of the old generation tailor now struggle to cope with the creativity of the younger generation. A mentor is quick to suggest ways you can improve your skill to conform to the trend. It is possible that your mentor is not the first to raise the need to advance your skill, you too as an artisan can learn from what you are around, your mentor is available to tell you the best way to achieve it. Recall I mentioned that you can have more than one mentor, so if you see someone having what you need in terms of coaching in a particular field engage him or her. Having a mentor does make you think less of yourself a good mentor will always tell you to believe in yourself, your mentor is just a guardian. That’s why do I want to be a mentor. 

Finally, others, Everyone should have a mentor, in the words of James-Reed, “you are never too powerful or successful to have one and they can benefit you at any age”. Oprah Winfrey, one of the most celebrated black women named a childhood teacher called Mrs. Duncan as one of her most important mentors. She explained how Mrs. Duncan encouraged her to embrace her intelligence and not be afraid of it. She credited the teacher for a large chunk of her success, due to the part she played in encouraging her to love learning. You can have more than one mentor, but there is that one to point to as the one who had a greater influence, just as Oprah Winfrey noted.   

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