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Primarily, the reason I want to become a teacher is because of my previous instructors. They had a positive influence on my education. They always believed in me and gave me advice on how to be successful in my profession. They told me to continue to work hard because it will help me achieve my ambitions. As a prospective educator, my objective is to have the same positive influence on children`s lives and explain the importance of learning to them. I will encourage the children to try their best which is a way that will allow them to succeed in life. In other words, I will be an effective teacher that helps preschool children learn and get ready for kindergarten.

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Secondly, I think children are pleasant to be around. I would describe them as considerate and energetic. I have some experience working with children. I have observed infants and preschoolers for prior Child Development classes. I volunteered in one classroom at MSJC`s Child Development and Education Center for CDE 147 last year. Similarly, I went to a center in my area and monitored infants in the classroom and playground atmosphere. I have a little sister that is eight years younger than me. When she was a baby, occasionally, I would help my parents take care of her. I would feed her and sit down in a rocking chair until she fell asleep. I have a little bit of knowledge of taking care of an infant.

I believe that educating young children is important because it will help them as they progress onto the next grade and decide what job they want to have. Jean Piaget is a theorist that describes four stages of young children`s cognitive development. This is a crucial aspect of children`s education. It is intended for children from birth until they reach adulthood. His theory is a fundamental aspect of children`s development in school. As a prospective teacher, cognitive development is significant for children`s education.

Moreover, I am going to explain my reasoning as to how I want my schoolroom curriculum to look and feel. I think that children should be protected daily as they are learning different subjects in school. I will guarantee that my classroom environment looks and feels like a safe, structured, and appropriate area for preschool children to learn. I will ensure that no toys are in the children`s way and items are kept at a safe height. I will make sure the children wash their hands after playtime in the classroom and on the playground and before mealtimes. Also, I will clean the tables before and after meals. I am an organized person; therefore, that is what I am hoping my classroom will appear like in the next few months. That way the parents will feel comfortable knowing that their children are doing well. Every classroom should be well-ordered because it shows that the person is taking their job seriously and pays attention to the children`s necessities in the schoolroom. In my preschool classroom, I will arrange a time for the children to talk to their classmates. For instance, allowing the children to do artwork and play in the schoolyard. This shows what I expect my classroom to look like.

I think that family involvement is significant for children`s learning process. Once I become a teacher, I will allow the parents to help in the classroom. I will treat all families with respect and make sure they understand everything that is happening in their children`s education. A way for parents to show that they are participating is by helping their children with homework. I would have the parent's practice reading and writing with their children every night. I will provide parents with a daily sheet explaining what we accomplished in class each day. I will make the parents feel comfortable when in the classroom by greeting them during drop-off and pick-up.

Regarding guiding and scaffolding, I think they are essential techniques for children`s learning and behavior. They help encourage children to keep trying their best when working on school and homework. Some strategies that are most effective for guiding children include explaining the steps and having them think and demonstrate the process. Children will learn how to behave appropriately in my classroom by asking questions and working together if they need help. The lessons that are important to implement in a classroom are practicing and reviewing subjects.

Additionally, assessment in my classroom will consist of informing parents about their children`s progress in school. This may help see if children are being helped with homework at home. My best practice will be observing individual children`s development which is crucial because it allows teachers to record the advancement of the children. I will do everything I can to make sure the young children are being helped. I will use evaluation to improve my curriculum by providing feedback that will be helpful for children`s school work.

Furthermore, I am going to be an early childhood educator and there are a few strengths such as my personality that will be beneficial in my preschool classroom. I am an optimistic, dedicated, and responsible person. I believe that these are some qualities that meet the description of an intentional teacher. Seeing that I am going to teach preschoolers, I mainly view myself as being impacted by proficiency. The reason I say this is because I intend to prepare the criteria for the children`s agenda and reasonably treat them. I will make sure my program has a curriculum that provides child and teacher-guided experiences.

As a final point, I am going to discuss what educational and career steps I will take next to reach my goals. There are two essential steps that I am following to become an instructor. First, I am working on completing all my required classes at MSJC to obtain my associate's degree in Child Development and Education. Second, after I graduate from college, I plan on volunteering at centers to get a little more experience before working full-time as a teacher in a classroom. I have put in a lot of effort to complete the necessary classes to obtain a degree from MSJC.

In conclusion, from writing a teaching philosophy, I learned that it is like an outline that will help prepare people for their future occupations as an educator. I found it to be beneficial because I can refer to this paper before educating children and remind myself about my beliefs on these topics. This is a way to remind people about their thoughts and see if any of them have changed throughout the years. I will reread this paper before deciding what to implement in my program to make it successful for children.

In addition, this teaching philosophy paper was helpful because I learned new information from chapter one of the intentional teacher textbook that may apply to my upcoming career. I will plan my time wisely as I create my classroom program. The curriculum in my classroom will be useful in helping the children with the Preschool domains. I will have the children participate in activities because it may help with their ability to learn. The information from the textbook is important because it will help me become a successful teacher that applies the strategies in my classroom. 

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