The Advantages of Canadian Higher Education as Compared to Worldwide


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My family has been very supportive of my studies and we all believe that “There can be no greater investment than an investment in education”. My parents have two children that are me and my younger brother. My younger brother has completed his higher secondary and is now preparing for the law competitive entrance exams. We live in a joint family with my grandfather and grandmother. My father is a businessman, my mother is a homemaker and my grandfather is a retired government officer. Everyone in my family is supportive of my decision to study in Canada.

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When I was in class 10th I realized that my interest is developing in the study for physics and mathematics and then I scored 88 out of 100 points in mathematics in my higher secondary exams from state board. Therefore, I decided to take engineering as my graduation and I graduated in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Amity University in the year 2017.

While I was in my college I was taught about networking and Telecommunication which became my subjects of interest and I started to gain more knowledge towards signaling, networking and the telecommunication engineering. During my engineering I went to HCL for embedded systems training and summer internship from RDSO (Research Designs and Standards Organization) research and development organization Lucknow.

I am personally an enthusiastic individual with zeal to learn and understand things around me. My enthusiasm and zeal always motivates me to learn new things from the right perspective and it will help me accumulate more knowledge and experience too.

The kind of enthusiasm instilled me with leadership skills too and this created a great interest in me for management studies in me. My recent successful completion of engineering degree gave a great foundation to pursue my dream management program with the acquired analytical skills through my engineering degree. My strong analytical skills and good background with mathematics resulted into a great help to resolve many of the riddles in the process. My undergraduate program provided me a comprehensive knowledge about the technology and development in electronics, when I was working on my final year project , which was on robot controlled by cellular mobile, I learned that how much managerial and analytical skills are required for a successful project. I felt the need to boost my skills in business analysis as my project we worked on technically did require a strong business study as well as technological knowledge, to make it a complete success.

To understand the fundamentals of managing any group of people and the project, I started to spent a lot of time with my uncle (younger brother of my father). He is amongst the top class builders of the city and always take huge contracts for the development and maintenance of the city like commercial buildings, public parks, roads as well as railway tracks therefore I learned how he manages his work and people under him in his construction firm. I use to apply for the tenders online and handle the database of his tenders, I also use to go to the site of construction, but realization dawned on me that along with technical expertise I would require knowledge and learning to improve operational efficiencies and develop business projects analytically as only the technical skill set is not enough to make any firm a successful one. Therefore I started exploring the options available for the business education courses by consulting some consultancies, my elders and my friends and decided to go for the overseas education in Canada.

I felt that any successful business requires management skills, strategy, marketing, communication skills, financial knowledge, costing, etc. I researched for the courses which are an integration of all of these skills set and found that Graduate Certificate in Business is the best course for this. This is the fast paced, intense, integrated, full-time, cohort based program which is of one year (3 semester). Also allows the student with GPA of 3.0 and above to use the GCIB as the foundation year of MBA program.

This course has the modules which allow us to learn management and strategic skills, marketing foundations, business research and communications, business economics, accounting, consumer behavior, management for decision makers, cost management, etc.

I explored many universities for this course in Canada with different names but chose Vancouver Island University for this course as it is a leading university worldwide and a university that plays an important role in the educational, cultural, and economic life of the region. This university has four campus in which the main campus is located in the city of Nanaimo on Canada’s magnificent west coast, offering excellent undergraduate and graduate level programs in a spectacular natural setting. VIU’s Faculty of Management offers graduate business programs that appeal to recent graduates and those individuals who require higher education for career advancement or specialized training.

As Canada is ranked amongst the top 10 countries since 2004 in the Quality of Life Index by the United Nations, Canada is also known for its excellent education institutions, multiplicity of top quality education programs in various streams and an innovative economy that welcomes international students with open arms. It has also been ranked #1 by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) for its achievements in higher education. The degree acquired from the Canadian is internationally recognized.

The price tag for higher studies in Canada is roughly half compared with other leading study destinations. Canada is an enclave of diverse people, lifestyles and majestic landscapes, and is one of the safest destinations for pursuing education. A multicultural country with easy access to education and affordable living, thousands of international students flock to Canada each year to study in Canada. Moreover, it is one of the safest and cleanest countries to study. Canada has universal health care insurance and facilities in terms of medical care as well.

I have already deposited my complete tuition fees i.e. CAD $ 20918.86 to Vancouver Island University along with CAD $10175.00 in my GIC account for my living expense for complete duration of the program, my family is very supportive with this decision and I am looking forward to return back to my home land and join my uncle’s firm so that I can help him in growing and expanding the horizons of the firm.

As India is one of the fastest developing and growing countries in the world, the good construction firms with best approach of professionalism will always be in demand. Therefore, studying in VIU with such a great environment of knowledge and with highly competent and skilled oriented faculty, I strongly believe that I would successfully mold my career for a better in my home country and this decision will be the best plot for the foundation of my successful career in India.

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