Why Do Many People Shoose Vegetarianism?

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 Human have debated the morality of eating other animals for thousands of years. Early human ate meat because it gave them energy and protein to live a vital life. Today, human beings can replace the protein provided by meat with a variety of protein-rich plant foods like legumes, nuts, and seeds. More and more people are becoming vegetarians because of the benefits for the human body. There are several benefits of being vegetarian but reducing the risk of diseases is one of the foremost effects on people.

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Many people choose to be vegetarian out of concern over animal right. Modern farms keep animals such as pigs, cows, and chickens in overcrowded cages; therefore, these animals are unable to move for the rest of their lives. As reported by the UK Department for environment food & rural affairs, in February 2020, 163,000 prime cattle were killed. This number states that animals do not have any rights in their life. Farmers, also, inject hormones and stimulants to animals to make them grow faster and bigger. However, stimulants are implicated in causing cancer and other diseases because these animals full of hormones are eaten by people.

Preventing diseases is a paramount effect of being vegetarian because those whose diet is meatless have a lower mortality rates than those who eat meat. A low fat vegetarian diet can reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases. In fact, animals fats and proteins are the main reasons of high blood cholesterol level which increases the risk to contract a cardiovascular disease. A diet based on vegetables, legumes, and fruits can lower blood sugar levels and sometimes reduce the need for medication. An article written by Joan Sabaté says that the consumption of nuts protects against ischemic heart disease, one of the leading causes of death. He also states that, “The frequency and quantity of nut consumption has been documented to be higher in vegetarian than in nonvegetarian populations.” It is understandable that nut is an essential food in vegetarian diet.

Following a vegetarianism helps to reduce the risk of cancer such as colon cancer and esophageal cancer. Eating too much meat, especially processed meat, is one of the leading causes to contract cancer. As reported by Harvard Health Publishing, there are many studies suggesting that eating fruit and vegetables can reduce the risk of developing certain cancers. Therefore, the incidence of cancer is lower in vegetarian than in nonvegetarians.

A vegetarian diet offers many benefits such as reducing the risks of diseases like heart disease and cancer. It improves people’s quality of lives. Many people also choose a vegetarian diet based on moral reasoning because they believe that animals should not be eaten. Consequently, concerns have become more widespread in developed countries. 

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