Main Reasons: Why Students Drop Out of College

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Main Reasons: Why Students Drop Out of College

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They are many reasons why students drop out of college. The main three reasons why students drop out of college are financial problems, family problems and academic. Being a college student is hard when you are by yourself. Half of the students who enter college don’t graduate, many because of the hard situation or problems they are having. They don’t drop out because of the same reason but the majority of the students have similar reasons for dropping out of college.

The first reason is they have financial problems. Many of these students drop out because they work and study at the same time. Sometimes they live by themselves and trying to pay rent and bills it’s hard. The stress for these students is a lot when they see their bills piling up and they have many things on their head like studying for a test, doing homework and presentations. Having the stress of paying bills it’s a lot and Sometimes they have to instead go to work and leave the homework for later, or study later and by the time they try to do things it’s too late. Working and not having the money to pay bills causes to much stress for the students. Sometimes students can’t even buy the school books and they can’t do well on their classes. Others can’t pay school due to the bills they have to pay. Many students don’t even have the money to buy clothes and they don’t want to go to school because they don’t want the other students to see them with the same clothes. Sometimes it’s even hard for students to buy food. Students get to the point where they have to work extra hours and then they don’t have the time to do their school work. Others start getting tired of work and they start missing school and by the time they try to catch up it’s too late, because they have too many missing assignments. Until they get to point where they have to decide to go to school or pay their bills. The only option some students have is to drop out of school.

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The second reason is their family. Many students drop because they are becoming parents and they can’t take care of their children and both work and school. Many of the students when they become parents they decide to drop out because they won’t be able to take care of their children, when they have to work and go to school. Having children takes a lot of time and money which these young parents are not able to support. Sometimes they decide that they will come back when their children grow up, but the majority of the time this never happens. Going to college for students who don’t have children is hard and for the students who have children it’s even harder. Another form where family can be the cause for a student to drop out is that sometimes the parents of the student lose their job and they have to provide for their family and they have to drop out of school to take that responsibility. Sometimes family can tell students that they can’t help students anymore paying school or rent or bills and we have to drop out to pay their bills and provide for themselves. Others have always been by themselves and always support themselves and sometimes they get to the point where they can’t and their family cannot support them, many times because of the family situation.

The third reason is academic. Many of the students when they enter college they thing it will be easy, they thing it will be like high school that if you don’t pass a test or if you don’t do your homework’s you will still pass the class. Being a college student requires a lot of responsibility, which many of us when we enter college we don’t have. You have to decide if you really want to keep going to school you will have to do your best. Many can do well on their classes and keep going but for other students school is too hard and they can’t catch up with the assignments. Sometimes is hard for them because they are not well prepared. When students work and they are not really good students, it’s hard for them to work and do well on school. Students can get really stressed of not being able to understand their classes or do well on their exams, when they are trying their best with all the time they have. All this causes students to start getting bad grades and they decide to drop out. Many of the students don’t have the time management they need for school. Students don’t manage their time well and sometimes they don’t have the time to study or do homework’s, because they work most of the time. Sometimes they are partying or going out with friends and thing they will be able to catch up. Being a college student requires a lot of responsibility and time management.

Having financial problems, family issues and academics are the reasons why many of college students decide to drop out. Working and being a student is hard because you need to have good time management to make this work sometimes, when you get out of work you are really tired and you have a lot of homework to do and you need to find the time to do it. When students decide to drop out of college they that the effects of this will not be good they know that they won’t be able to have a job where they will get well paid or work on the field they desire because they won’t be well prepared. Being a college student takes hard work, time and money. Not every student that enters college gets to graduate, because of many reasons.

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