Why Do Students Want to Study Abroad

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Studying abroad nowadays is a tendency in young people and their family, especially for the ones come from developing countries as Vietnam. So why do students want to study abroad? This essay shows some examples both of advantages and disadvantages of applying for International Universities.

There are lots of advantages to study abroad, but the major purposes are to earn money and improve knowledge. First of all, most of Vietnamese families want their children have a prosperous future. After graduated from International University, the degree their children receive can help them earn a good-salary jobs. For examples, the pays for doctor in France monthly cost eight thousand Euros, while Vietnamese doctors only get a low base salary, as about two hundred Dollars. Second of all, young people are in the period of life which want to try new things, challenge themselves , show the world who they are and what they can do. So, when they go abroad , they approach the new fresh education, new scenery of climate, wildlife, vegetation or the plenty of tasty food. They can step out of their comfort zone, meet new friends and strike up personaly relationships.

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In the other hand, besides the benefits, this trends also has drawbacks for those concerned. One major drawback is legal and administration stuff. Students should be aware of any visa restricitons. Often, the countries do not offer helpful conditions for applying in for visa conveniently and the procedures are quite stringent. Besides that, common pitfalls include not bringing cloth to suit the climate and not having sufficient languague skills to function comfortably in their destination country. Moreover, homesickness and culture shock can be tough adversaries. For example, Indian students study abroad in Western countries have to take more time to adapt to the culture as it is entirely different. As mentioned above, International Universities could offer certificates that help people get a good-paying works. However, there are a few universities whose certificates are not valid in another countries. If that is the case, the whole study abroad experience could become a diastrous.


Although it’s disadvantages as well as benefits, studying abroad still a hot trend for younger people. Most of international students come back their own country, adapt their knowledge for their home context, also helping their family. On balance, the drawback do not outweigh the advantages. Like a professor on Tedtalk channel said: “It is not only about marketing yourself. It is to nourish yourself in a new way’’. 


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