The Role of Education in the Individual Success and Personal Growth


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Education, what is education? It simply means, the knowledge being received to transcend a thing, to express a thought, and it is a treasure coming from our experiences. It is one of those keys to meet the success in life, it is a thing where should be given priority and focus, it is a thing which can lead us to do better things, and it is a thing which shows us our purposes in life.

There are so many youths these days who are disregarding the fact that it is absolutely important to us, now, while we are climbing onto the stairs of our lives we should give significance to it. We should all wake up, we should stand using our feet, we should be mature enough to face challenges, we should not always depend ourselves to our parents because if we do have, if we did focus on our studies, we can build a future not only for ourselves but also for our community which already stumbled.

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Education, Determination, and Relaxation could complete the bricks through the path of our dreams. Those should always overcome, those are some of the recipes to cook the best dishes of our life experiences, we should not just always study and study, we should then apply it, it’s not just verbalization, not just that we know it, we needed the application, we need the rest to make our body produce energy. We all know that there are so many successful people which did not graduated, but don’t ignore this, will they be on the position where they are if they did not study? Will they be on the success without maintaining thr education proper? No! Let us always remember that education is not just coming from books, sources, etc., it also came from the unanimous understanding of us of our lives, it is the knowledge which then taught us to improve or correct such, and the realization from the difficulties we had experienced of us. That’s the education where their minds were enlightened that they should do things which are productive, they already know the factual analysis of life’s reality, they already studied because they know how important education is and the things you could benefit from it.

Also, there are so many intelligent and skilled student which became least important because of favoritism, bias, and other things which favored a particular individual. To build an independent, successful, and creative future, all things in this world should be fair. Let us just focus on a school, there are so many talented, full of abilities, and sophisticated student which do not achieve their goals, why? Because of unfairness, let us not be hypocrite, it’s very usual, the unbalance views. Let us open our minds, let us open our hearts, let us open our system created to be honest. Why there are teachers who are not giving the rightful grades to students? Why there are students who are just sitting and relaxing when they do not deserve such grade?

It is very common to have this case, why are you doing this when what we needed are justice, fairness, and equality? There are teachers who favored a student, who wanted a student, who admire a student, do not ever fight for this, it is true, do you think there are no teachers like this, don’t you? That’s why I’m very proud to those teachers who are giving the deserving grades, it should be, teachers should not give false hope, do you think students can be successful if they think they are great even not? It will be expressed in the future, don’t ever favor, you all should be fair, the conscience is always there, no matter what your reasons are, it is not right. You know who are being affected by this doings? Both student and you, teachers, because students might think they are better than anyone, that they can just sit and relax and grades will just come up, it will ruin their futures, and teachers, you all are meant to teach, to nurture, to become a good example for everyone, so don’t ever try to manipulate grades, even if it is just a number, it is a pride, students are trying hard just to get higher grades, they are sleeping late just to get higher grades, you all know this, because you already experienced this, but at the end of the time, those who do not exert much effort are getting higher grades, it’s favoritism.

Why be bias? You are already professions, we are looking up on you, we are very proud of having you, we wanted to be like you, so just give the grades which they deserve, don’t give false hope, you just try to be passionate on your works and try to make improve your students. I know, it is not right to teach elders, it’s disrespecting, but with this case, it’s a fact, you already know what you should do, and not do, you are stopping students to speak when the time comes that they are complaining about their grades, some are just ignoring this, I really am a fan of you, teachers, so I want to have role model teachers, not only me, it is a dream of us, students, for you all to be fair enough, and do not favoritized, it can just hurt hearts, because they did not get the top they should be, they did not get the grades they deserve.

And us, students, let’s also be courageous, and honest when it comes to our grades or anything in this world. If we do know we should not have the grades we received, let us be honest and tell a particular teacher to do recompute your grades because you are doubting on what we got, I think some, but all can do that? It’s possible, but these days, can it become the thinkings again? Honesty is the best policy, it’s mandatory to be honest enough. Also, when it comes to quizzes, tests, and other written works, do not copy, do not erase your answers and replace it, do not change your scores because you are not fooling anyone, but you only, just listen to the discussions, and understand it, that’s the time you can get higher grades, deserving grades.

For me, grades are very important, if we are given the rightful grades, it can give us the hope, it can boost our minds to be better, and to improve ourselves. And then, if you know you do not such low grades, be courageous enough, this is the problem nowadays, teachers should be respectful, but we should all not hide and be ashamed to fight for it, let us not be afraid with them, but with respect, we should ask them to show our grades and check every details of it, if there are things we think being manipulated, explain it, and then explain on what they will be saying. Teachers are very good, they are still people who are committing mistakes, so we should acknowledge every single of our marks because they might misinterpreted or mistyped such, they are also people so let us not be afraid with them, we will be going to be with them for a year, decades, so let us be open with them. Don’t be afraid, let us talk to them if there are problems in any aspects. Let us be courageous and brave to face them, if they did bad things that shouldn’t be, fight for it, with respect always. It is not that we have the child protection policy, we will just be free going anywhere, do anything, we should know our rights and limitations. It is normal for them to be strict for us to learn easily, to learn good conducts, to be responsible and disciplined enough, so let us always acknowledge their good doings, and do not ignore their bad doings.

Success means a lot for each and every one of us, so we should always be that strong to stand and build our brught future. Anyone in this world might help us reach our dreams but only ourselves will really dictate what choices we’ll be doing, what decision we’ll be making. Let us all be honest enough, fair enough, dream big enough, and be mature enough to face every failures, challenges, problems, circumstances which can then make us loose hope to fight for our goals, and dreams. We needed the justice, we needed the fairness to live happily and peacefully in this world. We also needed to be with someone who will be our companions to do better and right things because not all things can be done by us alone.

All should always open their minds to foresee what they needed to be and what they should be. And we should be intelligent enough, talented enough, skilled enough, passionate enough, determined enough, risk-taker enought, committed enough, responsible enough, disciplined enough, and courageous enough to achieve what we wanted, who we wanted to be, and where we wanted to go with always the knowledge and the ability to use education as a sword to change this world.

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