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Why Do We Need Stop Smoking

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Participants and Interdisciplinary Approach

For the implementation of the clinical project, the register nurse, License practical nurse and the assistant patient will be a part of the nursing staff. The register nurse will organize and delegate task according to their scoop of practice, and will also educate, and make sure the client maintain the therapy and follow up with the provider. The doctor (patient primary care provider) is also a part of the clinical project his role consist to diagnose medically, prescribe medication and follow up with the patient. Smoking creates a powerful psychological dependence, so psychologists will also a part of the team with a psychological therapy. A social worker for a smoker who suffers from a chronic illness, and needs help with long-term treatment. A case manager for homeless, or long-term care need patient.


Diseases caused by smoking are a real concern in our clinics. Millions of people die each year from these causes. Smoking has harmful effects on our entire body. These are concrete symptoms, with direct consequences on our daily lives. These range from bad breath to shortness of breath, tooth decay and the high risk of serious illnesses such as cardiovascular problems: hypertension (high blood pressure in the arteries); atherosclerosis (formation of clots in the arteries that can cause tissue necrosis). Why stop smoking? Stopping smoking can bring pleasure. Not only can the stop make you feel good, but you also feel better. The taste and smell reappear after a week; the food and drinks are tastier. In fact, a few minutes after quitting, positive effects are already being felt. The level of prevention of smoking cessation is considerate as secondary prevention is for people who have had a cardiovascular event such as myocardial infarction. Also continues for life and may include a non-pharmacological intervention (avoiding smoking by eliminating craving) or pharmacological treatment with nicotine replacement therapy.

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