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Why Donate For A Girl Child In India

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India is a country with rich heritage and culture. An Indian wedding is full of joy, culture and holy processes. It is the most beautiful wedding in the world. The “rasams” at the Indian wedding are believed to provide a healthy and happy life of the bride. But for a lot of Indian girls practicing these rasams have become a dream. The reason is that these girls or the parents of these girls are unable to raise funds for the marriage of these girls. No matter how well-behaved, decent, beautiful and talented these girls are but due to a reason or another, they are unable to raise funds for their marriage.

The marriage is not a lifetime opportunity because as the age and time pass by, the chances of settling down and getting a good husband decreases. This is not just a problem but a curse to the life of these girls. This curse leads to the suicides of parents and daughters and our country remains in the darkness of this evil. Bless a girl by donating for her marriage This fight against this misfortune is not just of these girls but we too should have a contribution at this. We cannot see another girl hurt just because she can’t raise funds for her marriage? You can be a great helping hand by donating at these brides’ marriage. You would sponsor a child in India. It would not just be a donation but you are doing something that the girl wouldn’t be able to forget for her life. You would be blessed by a daughter that wouldn’t forget your kanyadaan ever. Who we are and what is our contribution to this? We are “Kanyadaan foundation” an initiative started by Mr. J.P. Yadhuvanshi.

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We have a vision that we want to involve as many people as possible to contribute in this auspicious act of giving a girl a new life. We help the girls and their families to raise funds for their marriage. We at Kanyadaanfoundation, want to help as many girls as we can so that we can stop this horrible act of suicides. It’s about saving a girl child and her future from the darkness of the evils of the society. We want that no other daughter should be considered as a burden on the family anymore. We help the fathers by raising funds so that they can do the Kanyadaan of their daughters. You can donate online for poor so that they can grow too. How can you be a helping hand to this auspicious event? You can donate online in India for these daughters. The kanyadaneer is bigger than the person who does the kanyadaan as the kanyadaneer helps a father who couldn’t support her daughter.

You can donate cash, kitchen items, furniture, wedding gifts, and lehenga. You can donate these things so that your daughter can marry proudly without taking any loan or taking anybody else’s favor for which she has to regret later. Why should you choose us for her marriage? In this world of frauds and betrayals it’s hard to trust someone but then you can donate to NGO. The reason is that we have a proper transparency towards your money flow. We are just a mediator with no indulgence in your money flow. We want to stop the torture that the girl feels due to her marriage funds and that’s what we work for. We provide you with proper information about your money flow without any corruption. That’s what defines us, defines Kanyadaan group.


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