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Why Gaining Community Service Experience is Important Before Graduating High School

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Some students think it’s not important to have some community service before they graduate highschool .But what they don’t know thatby helping the environment they are also many advantagesfor them. Those advantages are that they get to do hand on hand work out in the environment community, meaning practicing work skills. Furthermoredoing community service work also allows them to meet new people, it doesn’t just end there students can also get very highly good references, that they can use to apply for jobs they way want.

As students get older, they need to learn working skills, why not give students an oppununity to practice there working skills by doing community service work? It teaches students the importance of learning how to be organized if putting on an event or doing paper work, ifthey happen to in the future of their lives come across it. Communityservice can also help keep time management example; need

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to be organized by knowing what time you need to go bed or wake up on the right time and how much sleep you need so you can think straight in the morning with that being said. It also helps you to be more committed to what you’re doing meaning to finish what you have started because in the future (example); your planningon building yourself a house or you want to get married and have kids you have to be committed so people can rely on you which comes in handy in the future if you want a job. With that being said it also gives good experience because students from the moment they graduate they will be working for the rest of their lives. Therefore community service is very important for students to do, before they are able to graduate.

In life its important in the future for students to have people in their lives that care about them and people they can rely on and go to when they need help or someone to talk to because life in the real world it can get tough and rough if they don’t have the right people to guide them sometime in the future. So why not start helping students find people that can help them out that are in the community by having students do community service hours before they graduate and meet new people in the community. By meeting new people in the community that lets their communication skills be more and more improved. This also helps students that are not sociable be more sociable, and become a people’s person. People that are elder think of teen high school students as very immature and lazy and also think thatthey make stupidchoices and are careless of the environment. Why not show the people in the community that high school students can be responsible and be able tomake smart decisions and show that they can make great things happen in life instead of bad things happen? Doing community service can also lead to building strong relationship with the community and elders. Not only will students be buildingrelationships with other people in the community this will also be helping students become, better people that do great things to help out in the community. By students meeting new people while doing community service this will lead to students having good role models that will lead students become more environmentally friendly.

With that being said not only do employees want workers that have work experience they would also like to see a reference. So why not do community service and learn and practice working skills and meet new people. But with being, Students think of getting a job, for them to buy a car, save up money to go to university and also save up money to buy a house maybe. Why not let students get references and get a job by doing community service? Getting a good reference is very important it ends up on your records and can not only help you right now but also in the future when looking for a job. But more importantly it will help use as of right now because if a student wants to buy a car for themselves they would have to work. But finding the right job might be hard. The employees will need know if the worker they are going to hire has work experience and will also need a reference to prove that. SO why not get a reference while helping theenvironment. But furthermore in the future employees want tobe able to trust there employees. So what they do is they do a back ground on the employees that wants the job before they give them the job ,as they are looking not only will they be looking at any bad records of you they will also be looking for records that, you had work experience and social skills. SO if you have done work experience it will likely go on your records and be able to use it as references to get a job students will want in the future. That us another reason why community service is important to do before students graduate.

With that being said there in many more reasons why students should have to do community service is important. So with that being said, Why not let students not do community service before they graduate?


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