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Why Gun Control Needs to Be Implemented

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A gun is a tabular firearm essentially designed to pneumatically discharge both solid and liquid projectiles. Most guns are designed to propels solid projectiles, however, water cannons and projected water disruptors are structured in a particular way that their projectiles are in liquid forms. Additionally, projectiles from some guns such as plasma guns, Taser guns, harpoon guns are in form of charged particles, hence the propulsion of projectiles varies according to the structural design of a particular firearm. Therefore, this paper seeks to highlight the significance of gun control rather than outlawing of guns.

Globally, there has never been any legislation in any democratic country that has ever called for the ban of all guns. Most countries have advocated for gun control instead. Obvious, guns are among the most dangerous and deadly weapons, however if handled correctly and by the right people, then the question of whether to outlaw them won’t be the case. Therefore, guns are not a major threat to our people’s freedom, but rather a great savior of lives. It only depends on the question of how and who to use the gun? why to use the gun? where and when to use it. As a result, effective gun control reforms will help in putting the above questions in the right context, and hence they will be no need to outlaw the guns as they will be useful in securing people’s lives.

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Also, outlawing of guns is likely to bring about tension especially among to those gun rights activists as it is their constitutional right to own a gun. In as much as it’s the legal duty of federal governments to protect and ensure safety of its citizens, revoking of a citizen’s right to own a gun is unconstitutional. Although the increasing number of violence and shooting has been witnessed in a couple of cities particularly in America, outlawing of guns won’t be an effective solution. Instead, the government should focus more on implementing of actual restriction on gun dealers as the ones creating violence is only made up by a small minority of population. Gun control reforms will create awareness to weapon dealers that it’s illegal to sell guns. As a result, this will ensure that gun owners are only those who have acquired the firearm legally.

Additionally, contrary to outlawing of guns, formulating and implementing ATF policies and procedures will be effective is as far as gun control is concerned. ATF will help in probing those weapon dealers particularly in in high risk areas and consequently slowing the stem flow of armaments. As a result, those people with guns who seeks to destroy other people’s pursuit of happiness will be easily identified and action taken in accordance to the federal law. Thus, gun control is more likely to ensure and safeguard the safety of citizens of a country as opposed to the outlawing of guns.

In conclusion, in as much as the occupancy of guns by some gun owners sometimes contributes to violence and shooting, they provide a good form of protection. Thus, they should not be outlawed altogether, instead, they should be regulated. This is because, if they are to be outlawed, then only the outlaws would have guns, and hence people won’t feel safe living in the world where only criminals are armed. Thus, it’s important to have effective and appropriate gun control reforms rather than outlawing of guns altogether.


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