Why Gun Controls Need to Be Taken Seriously and Regulated

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 My research will explore the situation with guns and why gun controls need to be taken seriously and regulated. Today in our worldwide life Guns are the domestic problem to our way of living as they are killing machines. Mass shootings and school shootings are all caused due to guns and somehow not one politician has done anything to regulate new gun control laws. Many Americans prefer to have guns just to have the thought of safety but in reality, no one is safe once that one shot is fired.

A Gun Controls public opinion throughout the 1990s political parties established policy positions on gun control in their platforms, politicians vigorously campaigned on one side or the other of the gun control issue, and Interest groups lobbied Congress and the court to increase or reduce the restriction of bare arms. The disagreement centered around the curb crime, On one hand, and the second amendment rights to bear arms, on the other. The law made the theft of guns from federal crime extremely punishable by a fine of $10,000 and land away to prison up to 10 years. The five-day waiting period for handgun purchases, however, was with one accord upheld since it was directed at gun store owners and was not a federal mandate to state officials. Continuing to time the law was passed, there were between one and two million semi-automatic assault rifles in circulation in the US.

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Additionally, the act forbade the sales of assault weapons under the age of 18 and also started to raise the criminal penalties for selling a weapon to minors. Gun Controls and the Courts Scores of lawsuits were filed towards Gun manufacturers and dealers nationwide to regulate firearms. The results led to over 10,000 magazine clips remaining in circulation in the US. Beretta USA Corp went after Gun manufacturers for the rules of gun trafficking in the city. The federal-state did restrict firearms and decrease the number of gun dealers, weapon purchases and firearms linked to crimes.

Students at Marjory Stone man Douglas High School have become a political force for the horror they have been through. One week after Nickolas Cruz used an AR-15 and killed 17 students at the school, over 100 students met with Florida lawmakers and took action on gun control laws. Students also met with President Trump in the white house 7 days after the shooting. This began the March for our lives that rallied in Washington D.C. This Tragic event sparked The Timeline of Major Gun Control Laws In The United States.

The right of Gun ownership set out in the United States constitution, gun regulation remains a major issue in the U.S. All round history, there have been many laws and Supreme Court cases that have stated the second amendment. This whole round up the timeline provided by outlines and summarizes the most important influencing the gun policy in the U.S

On Dec 15, 1791 the ten amendments to the U.S Constitution known today as the Bill of Rights were emplaced and started the right to own a bear weapon. The very first piece of national gun control legislation was passed in June 1934. The NFA Known as the part of Franklin Roosevelt’s “New Deal for Crime” was meant to decrease the mob of gang crimes of the era such as The St.Valentine Massacre. The NFA pushed in a tax on gun manufacturers, selling and transporting of firearms listed on the laws among all gun attachments according to .

A jump forward to 1968 Following the assassinations of President John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr Pushed the Gun Control Act of 1968. A new bill that banned the importation of weapons and labeled an age restriction for the purchase of handguns and, prohibited felons and mental ills and others from purchasing such hand weapons or any other. From there on a stricter licensing and regulation on the weapon business was set out nationwide. 1993 began the Background check which required everyone to pass the check and be able to purchase a personal weapon but even this can’t stop mass shootings as anyone can turn evil whenever or have someone obtain a weapon of destruction.

` 2005 the protection of Lawful commerce in arms Act was passed and signed by President George W Bush to reduce gun manufacturers from being named state civil suits those who were a victim of a crime involving guns made by that certain company. Skips toward 2020 and gun control is still a major problem. There were in total of 417 mass shootings last year in just one year. 15.381 deaths and 25.628 injuries throughout all those mass shootings. This sets the highest number of mass shootings since 2014.

If, we take a look in other countries on their gun control laws are way greater than Americans so call controlled gun laws and research says provided by the America still has one of the weakest gun control law in out of all nationalities and would still have so many firearms compared to all other countries. The United States and its mass of civilians who own arsenal weapons and lead the world in gun violence. The U.S highly needs to focus on many numerous weapons in the U.S and develop new policies and directly take down the issue, from licensing to requisition to stricter bans on certain guns that are mainly used in a mass shooting. Democrats are mainly playing it safe on guns for decades but the gun problem in the U.S is still so binary. If a better and instantly goal, then it would make it difficult to buy a weapon and reduce the number of guns and not over time but right now. The party still has remained in the same place it was 25 years ago mainly focusing on background checks and less a direct ban on assault rifles.

Democrats need to quickly shift the conversation towards Igor Volsky, the executive director for the group guns downs America and states a safer future with fewer guns. The NRA(National Rifle Association) changes the conversation every decade after their internal revokes in the late 1970s. The majority of the republican party argued that the Subcommittee in the constitution uncovered and long-lost proof that the second amendment to the constitution so-called an individual right on the American citizens to carry arms in a peaceful manner. The right goal can reduce the number of guns in the United States as a serious commitment and plenty of evidence for policies that have been tried in cities, states that can work. This can also start a way that ensures people obtaining weapons now and in the future. This will require rethinking the second amendment to portray gun ownership.

Gun Control Proponents argued that the second amendment should not apply to individual citizens but only to militia members as they are stated as a national guard. In 2002 the Federal Court stated that the people who have the right to bear arms are in the service of the state such as a Police Unit or Militia. The first amendment as no words can define the class as an individual either to entitle or to speak or publish or to worship is seen as the only right to peacefully assemble as to own a weapon as a free right. Even this can’t stop mass shootings as police sometimes act out of order and brutally use their guns in a light situation. If we take a look at the information provided by anyone can turn evil like a former veteran who on November 7, 2018, in Thousand Oaks, California who killed 13 people and injured more than 10 people. It takes a serious thought just to turn evil and decided to use deadly weapons and instead of using them to protect the country they use it against their own people leaving another horrific scene in the American people and while all that happens the republicans do the best to build up the gun control topic and just release it and avoid it.

Gun control, politics and legislation and implementation of measures are meant to restrict and obtain weapons or practically use them. Take the topic on gun control in another country such as Germany witch strictly doesn't ban weapons but for an individual to own an arsenal weapon which needs to go through a process of owning an ownership license and must be older than 18 but strangely knowing how to use a weapon but unlike in America it’s safer to own a gun in Germany since their mass shooting statistics are really low where the U.S skyrockets in crime. An English reformer John Sadler wrote in 1649, in his book “The Rights of the Kingdom,” which defined who was provided with bear arms and how and when to use it. The mid 17 and 18 centuries, members of the parliament periodically proposed laws that would remove restriction and allow to have bear arms and in use for protection but even this can’t stop the violence in today’s society. Bring the topic towards school shootings. It's mainly known as the predator growing up in a house with weapons and obtaining the weapons without the rightful owner's knowledge and right when you know it is another mass shooting.

Pro-gun activists exhaustly try to regulate new gun control laws, something America isn't so well -in doing. Nevertheless, the political stance relating to gun control is an issue in the United States and will continue to be an issue over the years to come. Many arguments have come out about the second amendment and the aspect of gun violence and how easy it is to get a weapon in the U.S and how it does not affect the crime rate. The second amendment is often found as clashing among both gun control factions and seen as the central key argument behind controversy on the issue, The priority behind gun control is regularly just to enact certain policies overall trying to lower the crime rate in the United States. Gun control is often the first method by cities and a large mass of urban areas as a way to sort out and stop crime.

A practical centrist, someone who understands the huge majority of American citizens who are not too serious about the situation from the free rein. Based on they know the president often praised the second amendment and weirdly received the National Rifle Association support back in 2016. Even if Americans are in the middle and desperate to end every rampage that is caused. New York City's crime rate has fallen since New York City's crackdown on guns. The founding fathers of the united states gave the right to bear arms in the time of a musket. The founding father didn't see that a 21-year-old killed over 20 people in beliefs and assault weapons.

The 2020 election is coming fast and where do the 2020 democrats stand on gun control. Former Vice President Joe Biden is along with universal background checks as it is difficult to ban all guns, but they are ways to restrict it. Biden Favors an Assault weapon all-out ban and discovering a way for smart gun technology. The way smart guns would work is that it would only fire if only the owner's fingerprint is on the trigger. Bernie Sander, on the other hand, is moderate on Gun control and was supported by the NRA but seems to move different directions on the topic.

Why does gun control matter in the upcoming 2020 election? Johnathan Metz, a director of Vanderbilt University says that the gun debate is getting American citizens to the polls since public anger is at a point because of school shootings and mass shootings. People have to engage in the ballot box in November if not then the price will be paid as who knows how many mass shootings can happen. There is no question that the topic in gun control is the centerpiece issue for democrats states this topic is very unlikely to go away as long as these mass shootings keep happening. The  found out that two-thirds favor stricter gun control laws while the other prefers to have the right to bear arms. This number has been ticking and will continue to tick if something isn't done about it.

God did not give us the right to own an AR-15 and use it against our fellow Americans. Identification is quite a deeper motivator than money and for the fellow Americans who want to end gun violence. The“NBC News'  states it's obvious that the republican party is listening to the contributors, not their voters. The NRA weaponized the second amendment and in 2014, Michael Bloomberg decided to try to end NRA influence in the way of offering more money to the republican party lawmakers to support gun control.

In what ways can gun violence end and regulate new gun control laws or an all-out ban on buying a weapon. Buying a weapon should be like buying a car in a proper way. Lawmakers should make more meticulous requirements for owning a firearm. America is much safer with a legal driver than an actual gun owner statesas a phrase. Smith and Wesson, one of the manufacturers in the UK, have also supported the idea of smart guns technology in the wake of the Columbine school shooting.

Almost 60% of Americans considering buying weapons support the idea of smart gun technology, the information provided by “John Hopkins University”. The time for smart guns is now or never and will prevent school shootings and other mass shootings. Ending legal immunity for gun manufacturers is the final conclusion in my research. Holding manufacturers liable for their products and the misuse but experts say it will make firearms safer. To conclude we as a country must come together and properly decide as we can’t move forward to mass shootings and school shootings it is whether we want to stop this or keep vibing. Whether it’s an all-out ban or regulates new laws, the sooner or better America will be the country it's truly meant 

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