Why I Am Convinced to Study Computer Science

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Why I Am Convinced to Study Computer Science

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The idea of becoming a scientist has been always on my mind. And it takes hard work to succeed. I want to have professional skills for what I want to study, what I think that I can do. To create a great future for me. That’s the reason why I choose for studies Lindenwood University. And I choose exactly computer science field. Because at this field I feel at home. I have always found the field of computer science as attractive and satisfying since it is a field that combines with my character in the best way. As far as I know, computer science is the study of principles and fundamentals of computers, where latest technologies and trends are the most important topics. In the same time I am creative person, whose life is full with new ideas, new ways to develop myself and how to improve my skills by working day by day. Two other reasons why I am so convinced to study this subject are: working on group as every single microchip works to construct a computer and being more practical than theoretical person.

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As I know myself, I am a well-organized person. I have come to this conclusion because of dealing with all my tasks in time. And the reason why I deal in that way is because I am motivated for this subject. I have skills such as the ability to think in a critical way. I have improved this skill by reading many materials and gleaning the relevant facts about the subject. Also I am doing more than is required from me. This have helped me to succeed in many subjects at school.

Also I prefer working on group. This is the reason that I have learned many things from my teammates about computer science. By working on group I have developed myself more and more. Also this way of working have made me more productive, by giving and taking many ideas about a project or homework. And by group work I have learned to solve larger problems that I couldn’t solve in my own.

And by teamwork I have reach another skill that is needed for computer science. This is creativity. I have develop my creativity by listening others ideas. The ability to come up with new ideas or new ways of thinking about creating a program or solving a computer problem, is a characteristic of an exceptional student. I have always wanted to possess this skill. And surrounding with people who have this skill, I have been pushed to improve myself.

With creativity is something else that I can do best. Combining the creativity with logic. This help for understanding and learning computer language. It is an one up for informatics students. Because understanding the computer provides new ways of understanding the world. As we see the technology has prevail the world. So more capable students are needed. They are needed for creating programs to improve the humanity, to improve the world. Technology is needed for getting with problem-solving, to help us in our daily life. And to become successful in this branch is important to practice the knowledge. Of course that the theoretical class is the beginning, but after that I prefer to apply that knowledge through practical exercises in a computer laboratory. I am sure that the most of my tasks are going to include practical work or project – both successfully combined, with logical explanations for each step and chapter from my work. This explanation is another skill that I have.

So to sum up, improvement of technology can make the world a safer place. Improvement of our intellectual can change the world for better. So creating something functional is in benefit of the mankind. This is what I want. My destiny is to make our lives easier by programming and computer science. And I will achieve this objective by studying and improving my skills at Lindenwood University.

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