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The Reasons to Choose the Business Course as the Main Major

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Hello, I am Bhaveshkumar Ashokbhai Patel. I would t like to describe you that why I am in business course at University of Regina in Saskatchewan.

Create something unique, antique and beautiful is always I want do with my whole life. I always dreamed about that I own my personal workshop to transform my imagination into reality. That is why I continuously attracted by engineering from my childhood. And I really don’t know how math’s become my favorite subject. I also started my mechanical skills from my childhood. After 12th I got admission in diploma mechanical engineering at government polytechnic collage in Dahod. After I completed my diploma I join Thermax Pvt ltd it’s a boiler and exchanger manufacturer company in India so I learn a lots of thing and also practically learn about welding, fitter’s skills, CNC machine programming and operating, grinding, 2D drawing and also make many modification in drawing in order to upgrade mechanical system of boiler’s part. After five years I change my job and join aqua safe mine. It’s an industrial RO plant manufacturer and erector, in my second job I also learn about piping design and engineering, isometric drawing. But this is not my dream what I plan for.

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Now, I have all the skills to fulfill my dreams to make antique and with this period I also interested not also in metal antique but also in wooden antique too. But there is still one thing required for start earning money from my dream job but I don’t have any kind of selling experience and business experience.

So, starts my own business first I have to know about how to enter in market to sell and promote and how to advertise my product. For that I must have to gain some basic knowledge about business. After many search I applied in Canada’s reputed university “University Of Regina” and I got admission in diploma in business in September 2018. I just want kick to start my business and my course helps me to enhance my knowledge about it. I also need some further information about how to apply for business loan and how to put my business on e-comers. It just helps me to expand my business that is why I choose my subjects carefully which is going to be helpful in my future. I gain my knowledge and experience from Paul J. Hill School of Business during my studies also makes contacts which are help me in my future. I wish my decision to join business course helps me lot to start my own business as soon as possible. I hope that after complete my course I have all the information, knowledge and experience which is helps me to turn into a successful businessman from diploma mechanical engineer.


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