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I have spent a magnitude of time pondering the reasons why I have chosen nursing as a career. With many, this is a simple question to answer. They can pinpoint a specific moment in their life when nursing clicked with them personally. I, on the other hand, can not. Looking back, I struggle to recall an occasion when I planned to pursue nursing as a vocation. So, when I receive this question, I usually answer with a very vague response such as, “I want to help people” or “I want to make the world a better place”, but after attending the University of Mary-Hardin Baylor I have settled on a more sound answer. It is quite simple actually… God.

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To continue, in Finding Your Heart's True Calling by Gary Selby it is stated that “the starting point is not your career but your ultimate purpose.” He then goes on to say that, “Regardless of what job you do for a living, what is your reason for being on the earth? Whatever else we do, scripture affirms that this is our ultimate calling: to know God, to be Godformed, and to seek God’s vision of harmony in the world…” When reading this, the thing that immediately comes to mind is that being called to a particular career is not a big deal; you can do anything you want to with your life. It’s spreading the word of God and teaching people about the bible that’s our… my true calling.

Equally important, nursing isn’t only a way to show people God. Nursing is selflessness. Being a nurse means having compassion as well as being able to put people before yourself. I want to walk into a room and have the patient feel as if I am competent enough to provide them with appropriate & safe care. This is also a very big part of nursing. The patient should feel like they are in good hands, and that I, as well as my other colleagues will do everything in their power to help them.

Moreover, nursing requires more then spiritual skills and compassion. When I first started showing an interest in the medical field, I never knew what a good fit it would be for my skills and personality. Having my Phlebotomy Certification has shone a light on my communication, critical thinking, and adaptation.

In conclusion, I find it a very rewarding opportunity being in a nursing program, knowing that upon my graduation I will be employed in a field that offers nothing but chances, only limited by my ambition and desires.

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