Why I Choose Mechanical Engineering as My Career

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A kid might not know who is Einstein, Nikolas Tesla, Stephen Hawking were? All he knew is toy car with four wheels that runs forward when pushed. I wasn’t different from other kids too and during my Fifth grade my mind was filled with questions when a car is running upside down on round loop of track was pictured before me and made me try which ended up with crazy activity of damaging my own body. During my 11th grade with overwhelming passionate and with unanswerable ideas found Lewis Hamilton and Michel Schumacher on TV running the cars 230miles/hour with the fastest vehicle on Earth. To clear these doubts that came like ages chose Mechanical Engineering as my career.

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“Mechanical Engineers can design a beautiful world and can move it too” being a complete replica of these phrases gave me an edge over other students with efficient thinking skills to use the energy that helps in moving world productively. And the main motive of me as an engineer is to save mother earth by non-polluting and conserving it for “Better World”. This is the main reason for the intention of Masters in Sustainable Energy in your esteemed University. I completed my schooling in Vidya Vikas Higher Secondary School, India which is known for inseminating empirical study to every student. As a mechanical engineering undergraduate student in Karpagam College of Engineering, India with an ardent interest in renewable energy sources & management and Unconventional machining process. Further research in these subjects intrigued me to explore the option of doing a master program for the complete attainment of the future goals. My entire bachelor program showered light upon “The Laws of Physics (Gravity)”,” The Laws of Nature (Renewable Energy)”,” The Laws of Friction (Heat)”,” The Laws of Stability (Dynamics)”,” The Laws of Current (Electrics)”and much more. These pools of theories were exhibited in much pragmatic way in my own work of “Electromagnetic Piston Engine” as a mini-Project.

As my field of interest, Renewable energy sources and management was first introduced as a subject during my third year of my undergraduate study. When I realized the depth of the subject I felt that as excellent area to work with. This led to the main project “Design And Analysis Of Denitrogenated Internal Combustion Engine”. The principle of this project is, despite the combustion of fossil fuels in IC engine this design uses electromagnetic effect thus engine working on the principle of magnetic repulsion. Henceforth proposed technology can run an electric vehicle without a motor and the energy is extracted in a clean way as it doesn’t require fuels reducing air pollution. To further carry this pollutant free technology, prerequisite knowledge is momentous for great path way of research which can be provided only by the best technical university that encourages young innate talents and their ideas. Laboratory hours gave me ample opportunities to know about machines like Lathe Machine, Gear Cutting Machine, Hydraulic Cutting Machine, Steam Turbines, Compressors etc. and plants like Steam Generation Plant, Ammonia Plant at a very impressionable age. This consistently provoked me to know more about machine’s precise and accurate working. Also, emphasis on practical sessions lightened me with computer skills on Catia V5 and Ansys Fluent V15.0.My undergraduate study has given me a wide exposure to numerous subjects like Thermodynamics, Renewable energy sources, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, Gas dynamics, Heat and Mass Transfer, Mechanics, Mechanical Vibrations enraptured me to field.

“Make your own opportunities” according to this saying I calibre to research further by publishing a technical paper in International Journal of Engineering and Technology, 7 (2.8) (2018) 189-190 on “Current Trends in Oxygen enriched combustion: Application and scrutiny”. And I have also presented a project proposal to TamilNadu State Council for Science and Technology on “Design Fabrication of decontaminator using electrostatic precipitator technique. Always it is best to link every theoretical knowledge with practice in the industrial environment and the best way I achieved this is through internships and in-plant training that gaining surplus work experience in real time. Hence, I underwent in-plant training at Royal Enfield which built me up with good exposure in the manufacturing sector of an upcoming industry to make its benchmark global. And my in-plant training at Goodwin Motors partially fulfilled the quench of working with Cars and Engines in which I successfully completed in flying colors. The dream of complete fulfillment with the efficient working of engines that are non-pollutant to the society will be intended to be completed with my idea of master’s degree in the field of sustainable energy. Adding Management and leadership skills to the technology is always essential part to young minds like me. I was the vice-captain of the team “AEROMEC99” SaeIndia Aero Design Challenge 2016 and for the next consecutive year I have proven myself being an influential part as Captain of team named “VAAYU” 2017. I have also played a role of vice-captain for team “GRIFFIN RIDERZ” student formula supra saeIndia 2017.

With many innate talents I hereby wish to connect with you, the university in which scientists and many professionals are working together on cutting-edge research, innovations with real world reference and aspiring education to students. I diligently looking forward to enhancing my intellective skills, learning experience with advanced knowledge and exposure in areas which can be keenly provided only by my cherry-picked University.

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