Why I Choose to Study Electrical and Electronics Engineering Program

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In 2009, when I was a school student, I participated in the divisional math Olympiad and became the champion of the young section. That time my teacher told me, you should go for engineering. From secondary school level, my main interest was in Physics and Mathematics. I found the practical implications of these subjects very intriguing and thought provoking. Then on completion of my HSC levels, I chose to follow my interests and got enrolled in American International University-Bangladesh in the Bachelor of Science in Electrical and Electronics Engineering program. With my strong foundation in Science and Mathematics, I excelled in my academic courses as well as laboratory tasks.

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I have completed my graduation September 2016, then started my career as Assistant Engineer in one of the renowned transformer and substation manufacturing company in Bangladesh. My responsibilities were to design, drawing, cost estimation, project handling of 11kv to 33kv substation including HT panel, LT Panel, PFI panel etc. After 4 months I got an offer from ARC Surfactants which is the largest detergent manufacturing work of Unilever ltd. I was enjoying my work there but I wanted an experience from real industrial environment and practical work. I joined there as Automation and Maintenance Engineer. There my main responsibilities were to maintain the process automation, project management, safety ensuring, preventive maintenance handling and others. I supervised different project there including installation of 4 new packaging machine, one new detergent Mixer machine setup which now giving a output of 200Metric TON per day. The whole system was fully automated with use of PLCs, SCADA, HMI’s etc.

At the time of working there when look forwarded about future career of automated industry I show how Industry 4.0 revolution, Machine learning, AI, cyber-physical system is taking place in all over the world. To understand the system properly I audited a course titled “Industry 4.0: How to Revolutionize your Business” at Then I audited 2 course titled “Python for Data Science” and “Machine learning Fundamentals” from UC San Diego to accrue the knowledge of python language and basic of machine learning and different type of algorithm.

Before joining my job, when I was undergraduate student, I have also been volunteering for IEEE AIUB Student Branch for three years. I started my journey there as a Volunteer then at last year of my undergraduate study I was Secretary of IEEE AIUB Student Branch. Attending national level congresses, networking with people who share similar interests, being involved in organizing as well as leadership roles and working as a volunteer on a global level has enriched my undergraduate experience. I led a team of 30 volunteers, 300 members and organized more than 100 of national and international events like seminars, workshop, competition, congress etc. with the award of “Best Student Branch 2016” among 26 other student branch of Bangladesh and many others. We also won the claim 3rd place in both IEEE Asia-Pasific website contest (among 93 Int. Universities) and IEEE Global Website Contest 2016 (out of 278 international entries).

We had organized a tour of the Engineering department of our university for the students of “Teach For Bangladesh”, an organization which provides educational opportunities to children of high-need communities. Amazed by the laboratory equipment and facilities, a 13 year old girl who otherwise might not have even received primary education had said “when I grow up, I want to be an engineer”. That was a moment when we felt all our hard work as volunteers had paid off.

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