Why I Decided to Become a Nurse

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My desire for nursing started as a little girl, I remembered a lady with severe stomach pain with heavy bleeding that was a dump at the bust-stop by a taxi, instead of helping the lady, people ran away while some were just stared, because of my passion for humanity I took the lady to the hospital where my dad worked she was diagnosed of chronic dysmenorrhea, she was treated and discharges the next day.

Precisely, I choose to become a healthcare professional, particularly a nurse because nursing is a healthcare profession that compasses of a lot of healthcare fields. Secondly, nursing roles and responsibilities are always expanding and will make me a healthcare professional with unlimited skill and abilities.

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I have nine (9) years working experience in a hospital environment (healthcare profession) precisely shepherd hospital & fertility centre since 2011-till date. Working as HMO (Health maintenance organization) officers under NHIS has helped me rekindle the ability to provide care, reassurance to patients and their family members who were worried about their love ones. My job as HMO officer under NHIS is very intense and exhausting but I grew as a person on the job and improve as a healthcare professional because that is what nursing is all about.

Due to my undying passion for humanity, I always volunteer myself at any point in time to assist any department I find myself.

At the pharmaceutical department. I learnt the uses of drugs, prescriptio and dosage and generics.

At nursing department, I learnt how to take vital signs and documentations, how to give injections and how to set lines for IV drugs/infusions.

At the laboratory, I learnt how to run a malaria test, HIV and how to withdraw blood sample all these was possible because of passion.

UK is my preferred study destination for the study, it is a safe, friendly and harmonious nation with multi-cultural value in which student can travel and learn. The UK is among the country with the highest number of international student in the world.

I choose University of Worcester because it is named UK’s top sustainable university and also shortlisted for the 2020 university of the year awards. From my research, I discovered that Worcester is a global and affordable city.

The University is premised on her combination of academic excellence, provision of world class nursing teaching facilities and wonderful student support. Looking at the modules of the nursing course like Communication and professional values for health and well-being across the lifespan, Human anatomy and physiology for person-centred care, developing person-centred adult health care and so on, I believe the University designed the course to make me a professional nurse and to practice in line with international best practices.

On completion of my study at the University, I shall come home to invest the knowledge and experience gained in the course of my study in the United Kingdom to help develop and advance nursing practice in Nigeria. I shall also help in addressing the challenges plaguing nursing profession in Nigeria through programme formulation and sensitization for my colleagues who may not have had the opportunity of being exposed to international nursing training or practice. It is absolutely imperative that nursing attains high level of competence and resourcefulness in Nigeria.

I have witnessed, a lot of wrong practices in the health care profession, if given an opportunity to fulfill this dream of studying nursing in University of Worcester, I will impact a lot of lives and save a lot of souls from dying untimely.

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