Why I Have Chosen Post Graduate Program in Human Resource & Management


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As school and graduate degrees have turned out to be more vital in advanced work advertise, it has become out to be progressively essential to discover approaches to emerge and offer an upper hand. This is the reason I have chosen to leave my local nation and seek after a post graduation in the Canada, as the introduction to its reality class training scheduling and the experience connecting with differing understudies in a western domain will give me a crucial edge in my profession.

I have very reliable anxious and eager to learn new things. After done with my schooling, I decided to do something takes towards technical area. Then after I secured first class marks in my intermediate. Then my thoughts turned at a point where I am not accepting to do anything further. I decided that this is not my path, and then I realized that my goal is to do something in lively in nature. Then after with my personal interest I made a crucial choice i.e. to do bachelors in commerce and business administration.

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As my bachelors is 3 years program and I sum up with so many things. I went through various managerial aspects .There is proper schedule, which we can manage our studies and other activities related to our skill development. In my final year i went to many colleges and universities participated in management skill development programs.

Being a nation of migrants from everywhere throughout the world.Alternate points and views are adapted, supported.Canadian degree is comprehensively recognized for its brilliance in all sectors such as telecommunication, transportation etc. Canada is thought to be protected place to think about,cutting in nation billingual country.Canadians put great significance on learning, and have builtup a top notch world class instruction developed a first-rated education system with upraised standards. In fact, Canada Studies are exactly the sort of hypothesis that is acceptable with both theoretical and practical knowledge.

I have chosen to pursue the 2 year (Full Time) Post Graduate Program in Human resource & Management at George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology in Toronto, Ontario, Canada as it offers quality education at affordable tuition fees as well as the shorter two-year duration of the course. There are several similar but inexpensive courses available in India. But the main drawback is that they are limited to Indian Financial and Banking Standards with little or no practical exposure and would not suit my purpose. I would like to take my studies to an international level in order to qualify me in any circumstances undergoing in corporate world.

Currently, I pursued my bachelors in business administration. In this, I had the experience that the course Human Resources Management, in which I found out about the difficulties of dealing with the HR in associations of various first employment where i got a look at various parts played by human asset administration in taking care of human issues and also accomplishment of business. This is what prompted me to pursue a course in this field. I trust that human asset administration gives learning encounters that I will be effective in this field.

As to future objectives, in the lasting I intend to give the greater part of my asset to concentrate in your program and developing aptitude of Human Resources Management. In the medium-term, I plan to participate in an association where I need to know with my capable of knowing of assets in the world-class hypothetical business practices and after that arrival to my local nation to start my profession. In the long run, I might want to work in a M.N.C, improving realistic tendency and applying the expert information that I have gathered together. Other than Subsequent collecting adequate experience, I intend to work in general organisation to figure out its compatibilities. I will apply what I learnt to figuring more elements in HR program to take care of issues and empower this current organization’s proceeded with development and supplementing. A graduate degree in Human Resources Management from your college will open new entryways for especially anticipating the chance to start gaining from and adding to your program.

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