Why I Prefer to Study in Master of Cyber Security in Australia

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In the present period which is a time of mechanical unrest and extreme change, and each and everything has turned out to be associated and inclined to malevolent exercises, the importance of cyber security has become precedent. We live in an advanced age and face difficulties of living with every type of the risks. Today is the time of Technology. As of now, we are amidst a technological upheaval that will radically change our lives and possibly reclassify being human. I am exceptionally energized at the possibility of dedicating my long haul vocation to such a dynamic, quick propelling field. As far back as I was youthful; I have appreciated interacting with PCs and exploring different avenues regarding distinctive applications. It was normal for me to pick Computer Science as my college major, and now, as I close to the finish of my undergrad contemplate, it is my focal objective to proceed with my education in a more worldwide condition.

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Since my childhood I was very much fascinated by the computers around me and always eager to learn how those things worked so I got myself registered for computer science in my secondary school which was my first interaction to computer technology and programming language which was GW-BASIC.I completed my matriculation in 2006 St. Gregorey’s High School with 79% Marks.

After matriculation I started my intermediate. I chose Pre Engineering as a measure course and passed my High School with 73.09% grades from Private College Karachi in 2009.After finishing my high school, I got enrolled into Pakistan’s leading university in Karachi, NED University. of Eng. & Tech.).I completed a 4 year graduation program in Computer Systems and graduated in 2015.

In 2015, I worked in a Software house Synergy Computer, where I got familiar with computer networking and cyber security. My Second job was at Software house GADITEK in Cloudways which was started on FeB. 2016, and I have been working here as Cloud Engineer. In GADITEK I got familiar with cloud servers like Amazon, Google Compute Engine, Vultr and more. These servers were on Linux OS and related to Cyber security. The soul of development has been the foundation of my prosperity, which has empowered me to significantly exceed my solid obstacles and achieve the zenith of expert magnificence from a humble rustic foundation.

It is an open perception in Pakistan that abroad education is always more critical than adjacent instruction. This acknowledgment has its own specific reasons. There is a great deal of factors to consider while inclining towards Australia over Pakistan for studies.

Segments like obsolete syllabus, unsystematic strategies for teaching, the nonappearance of imaginative system and separation and nonparticipation towards worldwide innovation incapacitated me to finish my degree in Pakistan. Furthermore, after it is altogether said and done I looked the open entryways in my country of inception for the course substance I was captivated to consider, despite I couldn’t find a comparative unit of courses/course structure being educated in Australia.

Australian educational tasks are made by the forefront business needs, however Pakistani undertakings are taking after the customary course syllabuses and are next to no modernized. Australia is nibbled by bit moving towards more money related quality, inventive influence, preparing standard, the desire for regular solaces, investigate et cetera. It’s a place for understudies where students can analyze with no bother or issue or having unessential containments on overall understudies. Besides, students of understudy can benefit as much as possible from their youth totally through an extensive variety of incitements and delights. The atmosphere is the most sensible for us Pakistanis, quiet condition, resuscitating identity, and multicultural society et cetera.

Australia propels comprehensive saw, most developed, best in class and present-day informative system under the best instructing method. An extensive number of understudies all around the world are thinking about Australia. For sure, even while surfing the web, I found various understudies from most modern countries like USA and UK. Moreover, Australia is preparing more modernized, more inventive cyber security field and meets the overall standard educational standards. Australia has made its place effectively with a great degree and sound footings. Australia has removed the possibility of the country of Kangaroos and has shown headway in each zone of the present world while Australian economy is to a great degree consistent and in addition, relentlessly extending.

Besides for international students, Australia is a genial, multicultural country with welcoming gatherings offering secured and quiet condition and preparing structure under the total control of Australian Government and the invigorating multicultural society. This can make the period in Australia an advantage for the existence time. I found that Australia is a leading global education powerhouse with some of the world’s best facilities and educator providing Local and International students with a range of quality study options. Seven out of 100 Top Universities are in Australia. It is the third most popular international student destination in the world despite having a population of only 23 million, its universities System Ranking is 8th in the world ahead of the UK, Germany, Japan and the Netherlands. Australia’s Education System allows and offers 22,000 courses in 1,100 institutions. Five out of 30 best student cities are in Australia.

I have preferred to study in master of Cyber Security as the course provides career opportunities for various fields in law and industrial sectors. It has also a relevancy to my previous qualification of Bachelor of Engineering (Computer and Information Systems). The Master of Cyber Security will enhance my skills and capability that makes me work in the modern era of technology and make me capable enough to contribute in the world of technology.

I have preferred Master of Cyber Security in Edith Cowan University and there is no such Master’s degree in Pakistan. Although we have organizations that give recognition in data security they just show fundamental ideas. But what I need is more than that, I need to take in more about and study Ethical hacking, systems, and invasion strategies.

The Master of Cybersecurity tends to the basic national requirement for a very gifted cybersecurity workforce and gives me the learning and aptitude expected to secure basic digital foundation and data resources. This imaginative degree program utilizes an interdisciplinary approach that draws on strong specialization and in addition applicable human, arrangement, lawful, moral and administration perspectives expected to secure basic data framework. What’s more, this program will set me up for the notable cybersecurity-related industry affirmations that are ideal for expanding profession openings in the current developing cybersecurity work field.

This program will train me how to secure data frameworks by introducing and keeping up vigorous programming. The cybersecurity courses in the program are intended to set up my profession in the system security industry. The educational programs incorporates center themes in the domain of cybersecurity, for example, PC frameworks, Windows and Linux security and occurrence reaction.

After completing Masters of Cyber Security I can get employed in my home country as security analyst, project manager, security system manager, cryptographer, business analyst, consultant, security system developer or programmer, information security auditor, law enforcement personnel or IT security engineer etc. in companies like Delta Tech and Cyber Tracking Solutions.

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