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An aspiring and dynamic demeanor morphed alongside a distinctive personality that has resulted in making me ravenous for wisdom and knowledge over the past years and has given birth to a passion to pursue my higher education in the domain of Masters. The growing hunger to seize opportunities has permitted me to establish my mindset in a manner that is open to acclamation, valuation and denunciation. The capability to acknowledge and soak up the surroundings is one of the most significant aspects towards creating an improved tomorrow. I believe that there is always room for improvement; I try and take criticism in a manner which is as optimistic as possible. Thus, this rapidly globalizing planet has made it rather inevitable to overlook opportunities such as being offered at (choice of institute) in the field of Business Analytics and Finance, which is a visionary institute to aspiring students like me all around the world.

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Academics, for me, have always revolved around excellence and consistency as I have maintained a record of high achievements from as early as my primary education continuing to my higher education. As an accounting and finance student, I have displayed an undeniable and extraordinary interest and resulting in brilliant results in these subjects. Within such diversity as a result of opting for so many subjects, I still managed to not score less than an A in both my O Levels and A Levels which earned me a gold medal and the title of batch topper. Hence, maintaining a spotless portfolio. As an outcome, this gave rise to a considerable amount of self-reassurance and provided to be a confidence booster which encouraged me to pursue my bachelors with a major in Accounting and Finance. During this time, my proficiency in accounting flourished rapidly, stimulating and sharpening my skills regarding this subject. Various project works drove me to develop into a dependable and persistent team member who constantly hoped to initiate any kind of progress in the field of study. My senior year project about understanding the pricing strategies of Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) and developing a model to price ‘To be announced MBS.’ served as a support for my desire for numbers. My record of extracurricular and sincerity towards academics resulted in my graduation with a distinction and CGPA of 3.66 which earned me a gleaming silver medal as a Dean’s Honor list candidate.

Throughout my school life, I have been determined to balance my extracurricular and academics. As the president of my schools Model United Nations society, I lead a total of 110 students and went ahead to organize the first even MUN affair in my city. As a skilled squash player, I was the vice-captain of my university’s team. Alongside this, I was a part of the entrepreneurial society and later on worked with Lahore Stock Exchange for a virtual stock trading competition. Furthermore, I was a teaching assistant for two consecutive sessions in Intermediate Finance and Principles of Finance, respectively. Community service is also something which I feel passionate about.

After my graduation, I was eager to put my accounting and finance expertise to use alongside my proficiency in handling pressure and meeting deadlines paired with my suave presentation skills. I was hired as a management trainee at Bank Alfalah LTD, working as a credit analyst and increasing the bank portfolio by Rs. 10 billion. I later switched to BE Energy LTD where I work as a territory sales manager. Moreover, I worked as an accounts associate for approximately four years. These made me learn how to polish my judgments in the real world and test myself with greater work into meeting targets.

However, since my academics have always been my first and foremost priority, I still experience the enthusiasm and desire for further specialization in the field of accounting and finance. Thus, I believe that pursuing Masters at (choice of college) would fulfill my wish. I am eager to combine my strategic abilities with the pool of knowledge being presented at your institute. I believe that it would be an absolute honor to be member of such a prestigious institute that assists you in gaining so much personalization and excellence in this field. Thus, given an opportunity I would like to prove myself as an inspiring individual with an incomparable attitude for incessant learning coupled with a passion for his subject.

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