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Women all over the world should be allowed to abort, they should decide for themselves instead of other people and laws deciding for them. Women should also take control over their own body to protect themselves from any physical or mental harm. Each day there is approximately 125,000 Abortions and there has been has over 56 million abortions taken place in the world since 1973. From 2006 - 2015 abortion rate has dropped 55%. This paper will explore women having the right to abort and why it is a good thing. Women that gets pregnant at young age are not mentally ready to bare a children. The child would interfere with their life like going to school or work. “ Teenager are not ready to take full responsibility of another human being”. (Child Trends 1).

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In some circumstances the mother should have the right to go through abortion to defend herself from the danger, mental or physical health. Abortion should be allowed, it sometimes saves a woman life. “ allow abortion if necessary to prevent the death of the mother”.(kim 1 ). A woman should have the right to kill a baby if she feels that it the best decision for her and her future. Teenagers that are mother are not ready to be a mother. Teenagers has differents things to be been worrying about such as schools and work for a better future and then they could have a baby which they cant support and take full responsibility of it. “Women have abortion because the child would interfere with their life”(spielman 1). If the teenagers have an baby they won't be

able to support it, they are not mature enough. A baby is the most hard thing to be taking care of while been a teenager, a baby needs attention every time, a baby will cry, a baby will change a young mother life. A young mother loses all the opportunities she had, such as going out with friends and going to parties, now her responsibility is to take care of the baby. A baby changes a young mother life completely. A child will have physical problems if it not well taken care of. “ abortion where the child of the pregnancy would have an unacceptable quality of life such as cases where the child would have serious physical handicaps and metal defects”(BBC 2). There's some young mothers that their parents will support them and take care of the baby but in other cases there's parents that cant or doesnt want to help their children. Those that doesn't get help from the parents can't do much about the baby then abort it.

Womens should have the right to abort in case of a crime like rape. All over the world rape occurs and the girls gets pregnant, those girls has the right to abort because it not there baby, they're not ready for baby, they can't take care of it. Each year unfortunately about 32,000 women are inpregnanted by being rape and are left with hate in their heart. On average theres is about 321,500 years older girls victims of rape or sexually assaul every year in the united states. Women's going through this stuffs makes them to leave their baby in the hospitals when it borned, about 22,000 babies are left in the hospital each year because either they don't want the baby or they just couldn't or can't support it. Woman instead of leaving the baby in the hospital, they should abort, the baby will now have a difficult life since it got no parents. Woman that gets rape gets trauma and have a hard time getting past it and to forget about the whole thing. Rape trauma includes flashback, nightmares, about the incident, severe anxiety, uncontrollable thoughts, depression, amd thoughts of committing suicide because the girl feels alone and believes that she doesn't have anyone that is willing to help her to get through it. There's some womans that can forget about it really quick and there's some that wont forget about it because it hurt them so much and they keep on remembering about it which makes it more and more difficult for them to forget. “Abortion where a pregnancy is the results of a crime such as crimes like rape,incest, or child abuse”.(BBC 1). Doctors says that there's medicines that can prevent the pregnancy of a woman but it not 100% that it will help. Woman has to go through abortion but doctors also says that sometimes it will help them. “An abortion is a medical procedure that can save or improve a woman health”(Kim 1). One of the biggest reason why teenagers should abort when they can’t give the baby the life it deserves is that abortion is safer than what it use to be. The doctors says that abortion now is 11 times safer and will not damage the women's health or anything else if they decide to abort. The teenagers should do it if that their decision since it safer now.

Doctors says that abortion prevents the death of some womens. In 1998, 3% was the percentage of the U.S. abortion that were intended to save the mother’s life or to avoid any types of problems to their health. There ha been research that says the fetus develops pit of the uterus for almost 65,000 women every year so for all those women doing abortion could be the best decision to take since they will be having a los of problems with their pregnancy and will have a horrible experience. Abortions prevents the bad health complication of the woman body because some of them are not ready to go through one of the biggest challenge in their life, having a baby. The doctors says that around six hundred to seven hundred womens die every year due to pregnancy complication or the birth of the child. Woman who gives birth in a developing country faces as high as a 1 in 14 chance dying. These women's could have saved their life it they knew that it will be complicated, the best decision for them will be abortion since now is safer and will prevent their death. Women need to take control over their own body and decide what are the best decision for them. Woman need to take control over their reproductive capacity too. People can't decide whether they should have the baby or abort it, women's should decide for themself. They should be no law that will prevent them from aborting, they have their reasons why they want to abort and should not be asked. If it was in case of rape, they won't be able to tell why they should abort, it just hurt them more and wont forget about it.

In conclusion woman should be able to go through abortion when they believe it the best decision for them and if it necessary. If their life was out in danger in crime like a rape, they will abort, they were forced to have a baby. There's women that are not financially prepared for a baby. Women should also have a choice for terminating their pregnancy in a safe way and also in a legal way. Abortion also saves lives of the woman's in some cases. Around six hundred to seven hundred woman died every year because their pregnancy get difficult. In some cases the mom and the baby dies too.

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