Why I Think not Wearing a Seatbelt Should Be Illegal Persuasive Essay

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I have approximately 2 laws that I think are outstanding. I think wearing a seat belt is a good law. I also feel that parking laws are significant feautures to society. You are probably thinking my laws are based off of driving, but the are not 100 percent. I think school rules such as no backpacks, or having to be quiet quiet in the hall is a beneficial rule as well.

I feel the wear a seat belt law is very significant, but however not everyone obeys it. This law may not benefit to everyone because some transportations do not have them, but it benefit to most and thats why it is so important. Three important ways this law helps is when you are in a car wreck, traffic stops, or just to be safe. In a car wreck the impact of the opposing car can be so powerful that you can fly out the car, but a seatbelt will hold you back from that tragedy. Traffic stops are often because of seat belts, the government wants everyone to be safe and wear a seatbelt so if you don't you have to deal with the consequences of a warning or a ticket.

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I think parking laws are important as well. If you park on the side of the street or on the road period it may seem ok at first, but you are in the way of another civillan. Your car may be towed or damaged by a bump or another car while your not even at the scene. It is not safe for any one to do that. Also parking in someone elses parking lot or space could cause fights and the effect of that is less visitors to your company or where ever you may be.

Other laws such as no drugs, or staying quiet in the hall are helpful as well. Talking in the halls, you could be disturbing someone's in a near by class. I do not fully agree to the circumstances, but I follow them because it may be important to someone else and that is with every law. Whether you like them or not every law is beneficial, and made for a reason.

Laws are meant for everyone to follow. If you do not follow them you could face consequences or maybe even be at a risk of danger. I try to obey the laws as I come upon them, as well as rules. People se out different laws and rules as you visit different areas. So you should always be aware of your circumstances and surroundings. Laws keep you safe in your evert day life and you don't even know it because someone elses listens to the rules you are safe. Some laws I could understand you not agreeing to, but here's and idea. Set out the most significant laws in your area to the least significant laws. This will help improve your everyday life in your society.

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