Why I Want to Be a Labor and Delivery Nurse: Pursuit of Career

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  • Introduction
  • Skills Gained in My Experience as a Labor and Delivery Nurse
  • Commitment to Learning and Pursuit of the Nurse Profession
  • Conclusion


I am writing to you today to express my interest for Fanshawe College’s RPN practicum placement. Throughout the last two years of my nursing studies, I have been tasked with developing a routine to care for patients in a timely manner, work in coordination with other team members, evaluate the medical conditions of up to 4 patients each clinical shift, and gained hands on skills to effectively care for patients. I have always had a special attachment with various individuals and an interest to help those in need. I want to expand my training and knowledge even further by continuing to help others. In addition, while learning at each placement, I was commended for proficiently handling difficult situations, as well as being able to build therapeutic relationships with each patient. I am an eager, hardworking student who is constantly looking for new opportunities to learn, grow, and exercise my skills to the fullest, which is why I want to be a labor and delivery nurse or a surgical nurse. Through my schooling and placement learning, I have given this decision a lot of thought and saw myself being best suited for the following three fields: Labor and Delivery, Medical, and Surgical. 

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Skills Gained in My Experience as a Labor and Delivery Nurse

I have not only acquired important clinical skills during my two years of Practical Nursing, I have also come to admire, understand and adopt values. I have been passionate about working with children before, and during my clinical rotation I was able to partake in bathing newborns where I found I felt most comfortable. My clinical instructor, being a labor and delivery nurse, said my ability to connect with patients, personability, and how natural I was caring for babies, made me an ideal candidate to work on a baby unit. I have expressed an interest in pursuing my education and completing courses to better me in this specific field. Courses such as, Breastfeeding E-learning through the RNAO, Perinatal Obstetrics RPN Certificate, and Neonatal Resuscitation certificate to list a few. With this passion, I want to grow and learn more so I can do more within pediatric and delivery units, where instructors have expressed that’s where they see me best excelling in the nursing profession.

Commitment to Learning and Pursuit of the Nurse Profession

I am an eager participant in hospital learning, and I am constantly striving to upgrade my nursing skills and learn new techniques to improve excellence in health care. My experience in clinical on both medical, and surgical floors has taught me how to plan and organize care, work with people from diverse backgrounds, and become familiar with working alongside a team of interdisciplinary members. I have grown skills for obtaining and interpreting medical information to determine the health needs of my patients. I have excellent communication skills that I use to communicate with patients politely. Good organizational and leadership skills lead me to be a respected person, and someone my peers go to for help. Being placed on one of these units I know I will get to continue to optimize my skills, and learning to give the best care for each patient.


As a nursing student, the first chapter of this was clinical, where I have learnt under amazing instructors, and developed a sense of where I see myself in the future. Clinical has shaped me into the nurse I am becoming, and I am ready for this next chapter of exploring my potential future.

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